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One year ago at this time I wrote a 5 page paper on the history behind Easter egg hunts for my religious studies class. Since Easter is almost here I thought I would share some information. Believe it or not, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny all originate from different parts of the world. But one of the ways Easter egg hunts began was through a German myth from the 1600s. It was believed that Eoster, a Teutonic goddess, had a pet bird who laid eggs in baskets and hid them. When Eoster transformed her pet bird to a bunny, it continued to lay eggs.  This myth is based on the belief that rabbits symbolize fertility. This idea was started in Germany and was spread to America in the 1700s when immigrants arrived in Pennsylvania for the first time. They called their custom “Osterhase”. Often children would decorate baskets before they searched for the eggs because the baskets symbolized nests. Some people even left carrots out for the Easter bunny in order to show their gratitude.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!



This week has been a crazy mess of homework. Why is it that teachers feel the need to pile on the tests, projects, and assignments right as I’m counting down the days until spring break (which, by the way, is approximately twelve, counting this evening)? Well. With all of this information being crammed into my cranium while I’m in class, you would think that I would be walking away feeling overall wiser. This week, I can attest that this is indeed what’s happened. Here are some little golden nuggets of wisdom that I’ve received this week that I feel obliged to pass on to you:

1.     That little thing hanging down in the back of your mouth is a structure known as the uvula. However, I believe the title given to this particular body part by Joey on Full House is a much more acceptable name.

2.     “Crazy scissors” is not the technical or socially acceptable name for those scissors that cut zigzag edges. Rather, the name “pinking shears” is preferred, especially among those in the Fashion Merchandising community here at Fontbonne.

3.     On Tuesday morning, while discussing the photograph at the front of our Organic Chemistry textbook of the book’s author and her two dogs, we came to the conclusion, after fellow blogger Courtney wondered, “How could somebody so normal looking write this book?” that it was not the human pictured in the photograph who is the author, rather, it was her rather large Canis lupus familiaris, Zeus, who wrote it. Indeed, if the dog’s name is evidence of anything, one might argue that he certainly has the power to write a textbook.

Well, I have lots to do, so enough discussing random body parts, craft supplies, and dogs smarter than my prized pet at home.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


“Stay Useless” by Cloud Nothings

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