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Frozen Yogurt

Can you believe that there is an event to eat frozen yogurt for FREE?

I participated in a “holiday preview” event to help FroYo, a frozen yogurt company, taste new holiday flavors, and then I got a whole cup of frozen yogurt for FREE after I ranked those flavors.

Here is the rule for the game:

Step 1. The clerk gave me a tasting card, and also gave me four small cups for “mystery flavor” frozen yogurt. I tasted them individually, and ranked them from 1-4. I called them mystery flavor, because this clerk didn’t tell me what I ate.

Step 2. After I gave my ranked list to the clerk, the clerk told me the name of each mystery flavor. Then, I got a free cup to fill with the frozen yogurt I wanted from the holiday flavors. In addition, they also gave participants a “Buy one get one free” card to thank us for being tasters.

Step 3: On the next day, I received an email from FroYo telling me that the winning flavors are Mountain Mint Chocolate and Chocolate La Rouge. Apparently, chocolate is still the popular flavor for this holiday.

I like to be a taster because I like to taste new food, so this event was so much fun for me! If you don’t fear tasting new flavors and are interested in tasting, they have this event every fall or winter season. Just google “FroYo Exclusive Holiday Preview,” and you will have a chance to try the FREE frozen yogurt tasting also receive a free cup of frozen yogurt!


I am a poor college kid, just like every other college kid in this world. However, I am an exception. I am a jobless and poor college kid. My parents and I had decided before I left for Fontbonne that I would take a leave from my job, and only work on breaks. This was fine for me because I really needed a break from my job and working in the food business. It was also fine with me because I thought I wouldn’t really be spending any money. Oh, was I wrong, Fontbonne is down the street from my two guilty pleasures. They would be Bread Co. and frozen yogurt. It is very hard for me not to go to Bread Co all the time and get my favorite things. It also makes it even harder because that is where I work/ed.

It is time to crack down on savings, and only spend money when I absolutely need too. Next time you think about spending money ask yourself “do I really need this?” Chances are, you don’t.


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