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I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to go on a retreat this past weekend with Campus Ministry. I can’t say too much because that would spoil it for any future retreat-goers. But the moral of the story is I had such a great time!

The location was absolutely beautiful and we were able to go on little hikes, have bon fires, play Frisbee, and just really got to spend a lot of time outdoors being active and enjoying nature. Everyone was so kind, and welcoming because I didn’t know many people, but I instantly made a ton of new friends! I will never forget this past weekend, and I hope to continue all the friendships I gained. I also hope that I and everyone else on the trip continue to grow in our faith, and that others have the courage to go next year because it is really worth taking time out of your busy life to take part in this event.


“So, didja do anything fun over break?”

Five dollars says at least one person’s going to ask me that in the course of the next few days, and I’d better have an answer ready!

I didn’t go anywhere – my whole extended family comes into Saint Louis for Christmas  – but I had some great experiences, and I’ll share them with you, dear reader.  (Now don’t you feel special?)

1.  Ice skating! I have yet to learn how to skate backwards, but not for lack of trying.

2. Learning to play the ukulele.  I know some chords now, and I can play “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”  Be amazed. (Actually…don’t.  The uke is easy to play.  Go learn it.  Now.)

3. Coloring in coloring books.  I went big at the dollar store, and picked out two – count them, two – Strawberry Shortcake coloring books, which are coming along beautifully.  I even stay inside the lines!

4.   Painting the newly-expanded Commuter Lounge.  A great crew of six or seven commuters and residents transformed the very-blue interior of the 4th floor of Medaille Hall into a vibrant explosion of purple and gold!  Don’t worry – it sounds like an eyesore, but we used a bunch of light shades of both colors so that it’s energetic while not blinding.

5. Reconnecting with Ultimate Frisbee – I hadn’t played in a while, but seeing my high school teammates while they were in town reminded me how much I miss the game, so I logged a ton of disc-time over break.  I was also reminded of how much getting hit anywhere with a frisbee hurts when it’s cold outside.  We played on the days when it was 50 degrees, but we also played in the snow!  Gloves are good, but I throw much better without them, so…there were some painful moments during the game.  But there’s a reason it’s called Ultimate, right?

I’d say I have some good moments to choose from when I’m asked what I did over break.  Let’s hope this semester brings many more!


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