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This weekend was full of events ranging from Alumni Weekend, Mini-Dance Marathon, and Fontbonne gaming events. To kick off my weekend, I just lounged around the AMC to conserve my energy for the mini-marathon later Friday evening. I love Dance Marathon (DM) to its entirety that I had to give it my all. When 5:30PM hit, I was up and running. DM is everything because you’re raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network while dancing for those who can’t. This will be my third year and I cannot let them down. This event was in the Griffin’s Nest and everyone danced the night away. To make the event even better, the Nest was blacked-out so everyone wore neon! Since we’re joining SLUDM, their morale committee came to show us some moves that will shut down any college campus. In addition to that, the WING Leaders performed the flash mob dance routine from the Over Welcome during Fall Orientation. The songs included hits like, “…Baby One More Time”, “Everybody”, and “Worth It.” Our flash mob is now certified and has to be displayed at any event. After the mini-marathon, some friends and I watched Scream 1 and 2.

Saturday I woke up exhausted but ready to cheer on our men’s tennis match against Concordia. Fellow WING Leaders Blake, Jacob and Stephen were blazing up the court with their combo moves. Along came Brooke, Joel, Erika, and Garret to help cheer on the team with Fontbonne Spirit. After the match, the five of us went to eat lunch in Ryan Hall and then to cheer the women’s volleyball game against Webster. The girls did a great job and if you didn’t notice they put Rachel in the game! Later that night, I went to the Grovefest with arah, Taylor and Eric because we haven’t spent any time together recently and it was cool. Afterwards, we went to Sarah’s apartment to watch Scream 3. If you aren’t following me on Twitter, please do! You’re missing out. Also in Scream 3, Beth disapproves of Gale Weathers’ (Courtney Cox) bangs. They were tragic.

Along came Sunday with the Alumni Reunion Mass. The 50th Year ladies looked great as they reunited with one another.  Despite the frantic search for the priest, he arrived and Mass was celebrated as a community. Afterwards, I ate brunch with part of the Pressimone family, Leslie Doyle, and Terragan Brouk. The food, speakers, and atmosphere was wonderful. To put the icing on the cake was catching up with my Orientation Leader and role model Dustin Graves! He is truly the greatest and has shown that you can have it all (being a student leader inside and outside of the classroom) yet remain focus on your end goal.

This weekend has truly been the best so far! Until next time…See ya 🙂


Well, this is it. There’s just four weeks left of my first year of college! I can hardly believe it. This past week was quite a busy one, with final projects being introduced and other class related things to do. SHESA (Student Human Environmental Sciences Association) is sponsoring Denim Day in a couple of weeks, and I was busy making crafts out of denim we plan on selling for donations on April 26th.

This week I did something that I haven’t done all year long. I stayed on campus Friday night. Normally, I go back home every weekend, but Saturday afternoon I attended a lecture at Washington University, and with high gas prices driving home and back didn’t seem like the right choice. It was extremely odd being in the dorms when I would normally be at home, but change is good.

The lecture I attended Saturday was titled, “Is Fashion Art?” and Valerie Steele spoke. According to my adviser, it was a “don’t miss opportunity”. I am extremely glad I went. Steele does not think fashion is art, but her lecture was very insightful about the relationship between fashion and art.

With summer on its way, Cardinals baseball has begun, and I must say I am very proud of the Redbirds so far! I look forward to going to a game at Busch Stadium in the next few weeks. I just hope no one else gets hurt. This week I watched all the games, but was disappointed the weather was so dreary for Opening Day.

I look forward to my last weeks at Fontbonne until the fall. We’ll see what next week has in store for me!


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