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Dear younger Claire (and incoming freshman),

Thinking back just 9 months ago before I started school at Fontbonne, I expected something totally different. I excepted teachers that didn’t care, huge classrooms and having to stay up until 3 am every night. When I got to Fontbonne, I was mistaken and for good reason. The faculty and staff of Fontbonne actually care about the students. Although some may disagree, if you put your studies first and ask for help, they will go above and beyond to make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful. Here are some of the things I would tell myself before coming to Fontbonne, after being here for almost a full year now.
  • Join more clubs and be more involved. Yes, having a super busy schedule is tough, but you make more friends and have more items to look back on as involvement from college.
  • Try something new. Step out of your comfort zone and make new friends. Say hi to someone or tell them that you like their shirt.
  • Go to class. Don’t miss it just because you don’t feel like it. Go and sit there because you’re wasting your money every class you don’t go to.
  • Eat healthy. Yes, pizza and ice cream are great every now and then, but you have to take care of your body to be mentally and physically healthy.
  • Make friends. I know this sounds silly, but put yourself out there and you can meet some pretty cool people.
  • Go for it. Whatever it is, if there is something you want, you won’t know until you try it! I randomly decided to go to a meeting about being a student blogger, and look where I am now.
Moral of the story: This is a time to reinvent yourself so become the person you have always wanted to be. You may say “what if I fail?” But I ask you, what if you succeed? You can never know until you try and you are your biggest limitation. Try new things, meet new people, be adventurous, have fun.



There are many ways to tell that you have made friends at FBU. Fontbonne University has a variety of clubs and organizations that students can get involved in. Whether you both start out in the Joe, meet each other in Mission Core, stand together waiting for food from DSAC, or get put together as random roommates, Fontbonne will help you find friends that will help you make it to sophomore year.
1. You text each other to walk to class together, even if one of you is in East and the other in AB, awkwardly going your separate ways once you reach Ryan.
2. You do your laundry right after each other in the Joe, because it is impossible to get two washers at the same time. And you wait with each other.

3. The daily struggle of texting each other and deciding between picking Ryan for lunch or facing the line that awaits you at DSAC.
4. Showering at the same time, so you can have someone to jam out with.
5. Driving to Walgreens at midnight because you’re both craving pizza rolls.
6. Eating those pizza rolls as soon as you get back to the dorm.
7. Promising that you both are going to start “working out” as both of you sit in bed eating ice cream/brownies.
8. Making a trip to the library together to go to the study rooms because neither of you focus when the people two rooms down are obviously having a dance party.
9. Spending all day Sunday watching Netflix and YouTube and continually telling the other that he/she really should start his/her homework.
10. The amazing feeling of being reunited after a long or holiday weekend, when one or both of you went home to visit.

No matter what happens in your freshman year, you will find someone, or perhaps many, who will help you make FBU your home for the next years of you life!!


Hello Everyone!

This is my first blog, and I’m excited to get to share my college experience with all my new followers! I am currently a junior at Fontbonne University in St. Louis majoring in English and Pre-Law. I also play NCAA division three basketball and golf. Even though I have to spend a lot of time studying and practicing, I still find plenty of time to have FUN! If I had to choose my favorite part about my entire college experience, it would definitely be all the new people I’ve met. I didn’t know anyone when I came to Fontbonne but by living in the dorms and playing sports, I’ve met a ton of good friends.

Until next time,

“The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.” – Elbert Hubbard


I have always been a big fan of smaller schools, and this was one of the major factors in choosing Fontbonne as the University I would attend after graduation from St. Elizabeth Academy High School. I have three older siblings, two of which went to universities in different parts of Missouri, and although that is not too big of a move it was still hard for me to never get to see them. This was a big hint to me that I did not want to leave St. Louis for college, but I did want to live in the dorms. I visited the numerous colleges and universities in and around the St. Louis region, and realized that Fontbonne was the fit for me.

The small, close-knit community is so welcoming and great to be a part of! I was nervous to be living on campus and away from my family for the first time, but that soon vanished once orientation kicked off! There was a group of upperclassmen, known as FOCUS, along with the other college rookies who were either just as nervous or even more than I was, who made the first weekend in college one of the most memorable! Everyone was so eager and willing to get to know each other while away on orientation, that it made making friends super easy!

Almost everyone in the dorms leave their doors open and do not mind it all if you just pop your head in to say hi or mention you like the picture frames on their wall. Fontbonne easily became my home away from home, and quick. I had no problem making friends, and did not feel scared or nervous about college anymore. All the girls on our floor get along great and make it very comfortable for you to be yourself.

All-in-all I love Fontbonne so far! I do believe attending this small but mighty university was one of the best decisions of my life! I enjoy my home away from home, and love everyone who is part of my new Fontbonne family!


New Beginning

by Fontbonne University September 12, 2011

As one of the new freshmen at Fontbonne, I know I’m excited for many things: new friends, new experiences, and a new environment! It’s been great for the first few weeks. Many challenges will soon emerge, but I’ll face them no matter what. College life really is different from high school. I miss my friends […]

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Come Home in the Summer…Live a Life That You Miss

by Alumni Posts May 12, 2011

I’ve heard that our sense of smell has the power to bring up certain memories: your favorite perfume, for example, may bring back memories of a certain first date. While this certainly holds true, another one of my senses possesses the unique ability to pull me back into the past: my hearing. When I play […]

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Almost Over!!

by Alumni Posts May 12, 2011

Well, I can’t believe it, but my freshman year at Fontbonne is finally coming to a close. The ending is bittersweet – like any student, I’m excited for the coming of summer and reuniting with old friends, but at the same time it will be difficult to leave all my new friends behind. If I […]

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One Down, Three to Go

by Alumni Posts May 10, 2011

Although I’m excited about summer, I’m having a little trouble saying goodbye to my freshman year of college. It just seems strange to think that I’m a fourth of the way through school. I did some cool stuff and met some cool people this year, like adding audio to the Bosnian Memory Project’s website and making […]

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