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Wondering what to do during your long summer break? Maybe you’re getting a little bored and need some ideas of things to do? Well I’ve came up with a list of 3 things to do in the St. Louis area during your break and they’re free!

1. Take a walk through the beautiful Forest Park. I’ve blogged about Forest Park before so you can be sure that it’s a great place to go! Forest Park is roughly 1,200 acres and is absolutely gorgeous! I often take walks with my friends throughout the park and the scenery is always spectacular.

2. The Missouri History Museum is another great place to visit and the fact that admission is free just makes it even better! Sometimes special exhibits cost so beware of that, but general admission is free. There are ancient artifacts and amazing displays that will make you feel like you’re back in another era.

3. A third place I recommend is the St. Louis Zoo. Similar to the History Museum, general admission is free, but special exhibits or attractions do cost. General admission in the Zoo will give you access to see all your favorite animals including lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!

All 3 of these places are great to go to if you find yourself a little restless during summertime. I know I’ll be going to each one during my break!



Can you believe that there is an event to eat frozen yogurt for FREE?

I participated in a “holiday preview” event to help FroYo, a frozen yogurt company, taste new holiday flavors, and then I got a whole cup of frozen yogurt for FREE after I ranked those flavors.

Here is the rule for the game:

Step 1. The clerk gave me a tasting card, and also gave me four small cups for “mystery flavor” frozen yogurt. I tasted them individually, and ranked them from 1-4. I called them mystery flavor, because this clerk didn’t tell me what I ate.

Step 2. After I gave my ranked list to the clerk, the clerk told me the name of each mystery flavor. Then, I got a free cup to fill with the frozen yogurt I wanted from the holiday flavors. In addition, they also gave participants a “Buy one get one free” card to thank us for being tasters.

Step 3: On the next day, I received an email from FroYo telling me that the winning flavors are Mountain Mint Chocolate and Chocolate La Rouge. Apparently, chocolate is still the popular flavor for this holiday.

I like to be a taster because I like to taste new food, so this event was so much fun for me! If you don’t fear tasting new flavors and are interested in tasting, they have this event every fall or winter season. Just google “FroYo Exclusive Holiday Preview,” and you will have a chance to try the FREE frozen yogurt tasting also receive a free cup of frozen yogurt!


As college students, we like to have fun. However, on a college budget, sometimes it’s hard to do everything we’d like to. That’s where Fontbonne comes in! Last weekend, it seemed like Fontbonne kept me busy from Friday morning until Saturday evening.

Friday morning I got ready with a few friends and headed down to the Fox Theater to watch the filming of America’s Got Talent! Fontbonne gave out free tickets to as many people who wanted to go. We even got free tickets for our friends who don’t go to Fontbonne. Outside we stood approximately 15 feet from judges: Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and the darling Sharon Osbourne. One of my friends from Fontbonne also had a conversation with Nick Cannon while he was filming 15 feet in front of us!! You can look for me and the rest of the Fontbonne gang in June on America’s Got Talent St. Louis auditions! We had a lot of fun in the audience. We watched an acrobat act, a comedian, a few singers, and an awesome dance crew who I will be cheering for this season.

After America’s Got Talent, our group of friends headed to the baseball game to cheer on the griffins. All of our sporting events are free at Fontbonne so again, cheap entertainment! We got to see a pretty good game, right before we left in the 7th inning, the boys were winning 4-0. We topped off our night with Dewey’s pizza. Soooooo good.

On Saturday I had a free lunch with some of the other student ambassadors who were hosting an open house and speaking on panels. Then Erika and I went to the Esquire movie theater right around the corner from Fontbonne. The activities board purchased matinee tickets for all Fontbonne students who showed up to any of the six movies playing. Safe House with Denzel Washington is a “must see” in my book!

Watching America’s Got Talent- Free
Cheering at a baseball game- Free
Going to the movies- Free
Fontbonne Fun Filled Weekend… Priceless (literally!)

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