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Free Time

While I am not as busy during the summer as I am during the school year, I still find myself not having much free time. Between babysitting, my little brother’s baseball games, and other odd jobs I do, I’m never really that bored. Since I got back from my summer vacation, I feel as though I’m constantly on-the-go. Added to my to-do list these past few weeks is dancing, not for Fontbonne, but for my studio. I am an “alumni” since graduating a couple of years ago, and this year is the studio’s 20th recital. For a kind of celebration, an alumni dance was put together. We’ve all been practicing weekly for quite some time, and are rehearsing every day this week. Let’s just say I’m exhausted and am anxiously waiting for the recital this weekend!

I did find time today to put a new “cupcakes and muffins” recipe book to use. I love to bake, especially cupcakes and cookies. A few weeks ago while shopping for travel books with my roommate, we happened along the clearance section and I found a cookbook with over 100 recipes for cupcakes and muffins. I just had to buy it, and have spent the last week  or so tabbing the recipes I wanted to try out first. I had some kiwi that was about to go bad, and a delicious sounding recipe for whole wheat kiwi muffins. Twenty-five minutes of some “me time” later and the house was smelling of scrumptious muffins.  Only half of the household actually likes kiwi, and the sound of “whole wheat” has them running, but that just means there’s more muffins for me! Maybe next time I’ll bake some double chocolate cupcakes that they’ll devour. We’ll see.

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I have yet to announce this in my blog, but I will be going to New York City soon! Actually, very soon, 20 days to be exact. My roommate and I are going along with other fashion merchandising student here at Fontbonne, and have been counting down since the beginning of the semester. It’s great that Fontbonne University gives us these wonderful opportunities to see and experience our major in the workforce.  It just feels like yesterday when Carly was saying to me, “57 days!”, and I would think, “Okay, I’ve got plenty of time to prepare”. I have to say it’s 20 days until NYC and I have a lot of preparing still to do.

I am an organized person, and because of my previous travels where my mom would map out everything we would do the entire trip, I feel that I have to know everything Carly and I will be doing during our massive amount of free time. We plan on visiting a lot of museums, parks, and other sights of New York. Contrary to what some might believe, we are more interested in the sights of NYC than the shopping, but will be stopping by Michael Kors’s favorite restaurant and Tim Gunn’s apartment building!

Anxiety over this encroaching deadline is taking over, but I cannot seem to find the time to research and plan our trip. I’ll be in NYC in 20 days and I couldn’t tell you the first place I was planning on going. Yikes! Twenty days is still enough to get sufficient preparation done though, and I think that 20 days from now I will be ready to be NYC bound!

I cannot wait for this trip. I have never been to New York, but have always wanted to go. The fact that I get to spend 6 days in NYC with one of my best friends is also a plus. We are going to make so many fabulous memories together exploring the city. New York City, see you in 20 days!

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Some of you may know other than serving the purpose for me to rant and jabber on about my college experience and life in general, this blog is used to give prospective students an idea of what it’s like to be a student at Fontbonne. This blog is my way of marketing Fontbonne University, giving others insight into how wonderful it is here.

Another way I market or advertise Fontbonne is through Fontbonne Student Ambassadors (FSA). This is my first year being an ambassador for Fontbonne, and I love it. As an ambassador, I have designated time slots each week in which I’m free to give tours. The tours are my time to show the student Fontbonne’s campus, and persuade them to the best of my ability to choose Fontbonne. The tours are individual, and I think that this one-on-one activity helps in making Fontbonne the right choice. Being a part of FSA directly involves me in some students college application process, and as a result I market Fontbonne through the tours I give. FSA also helps out with open houses and group tours that take place here on campus.

Joining organizations and clubs at Fontbonne does take up “free time”, but I definitely do not regret becoming a part of FSA. I am hoping for the next few weeks “free time” will exist in my life, although I highly doubt it. At this moment it sure doesn’t. There’s just a few weeks left of first semester, and as soon as I finish one project I have to start the next. This really makes me wish I started earlier. Between classes, practices, and meetings there’s no time! I have now been reminded that it’s best to get things done early. It’ll save you a lot of time (time for sleeping!) in the end. Never will I procrastinate on a ten page Chemistry paper again, but I am right now because I have yet to begin. Yikes!

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