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This dedicated semester is Foodology, therefore Fontbonne opened some special classes about Food.

I signed up for a cooking class to learn the common food ingredients in America. This cooking class is taught by Dr. Houston, a director in the dietetics program. She taught us many useful skills in the kitchen. Actually, I’m good at cooking Asian food, but not very familiar with American food or cooking terminology in English. So, I really like this class because I’ve learned a lot.

This class included different kinds of food, such as butternut-quinoa soup, eggplant pasta, spring rolls, and tamale pie. It was so much fun to cook together with my American classmates. Last week, we had a Bok Choy salad. It surprised me because I never used Bok Choy to make salad. In our culture, we sauté Bok Choy with meat or put it in soup. Moreover, the size of Bok Choy in America is twice as big as the one we had in Taiwan.

After we did the Bok Choy salad, I felt the flavor was so yummy. Maybe I will try to put other Asian vegetables into salad instead of cooking it next time. Putting Bok Choy in salad is healthier and still delicious.


The theme for this year’s dedicated semester is foodology.

Therefore, many of the events revolve around food. Yum! This past week I attended a “Dining for Etiquette” event. A delicious four-course meal was served while I learned about the rules of dining. The information provided will be helpful for future dinners that are in a professional setting. Throughout the two hours that night, I learned more about proper etiquette and dining behavior than I could have ever imagined. So many rules exist, I don’t have the room (or time) to mention them all here.

However, I highly encourage attending such an event if ever presented with one. There are just so many interesting facts! For example, did you know that you are supposed to scoop your soup AWAY from you? Or, that it’s technically correct to break off pieces of bread opposed to biting into the roll? And, the salt and pepper have to be passed together to the right. Also, were you aware that it is customary to cut no more than three pieces of food at time in American, professional-style dining? The next time you are out to eat, or just at your home dinner table, think twice before mixing the food on your plate (apparently that’s against the rules of dining etiquette).


Woooooaah, sorry  about the 2-week hiatus! Time has totally slipped away from me!

These past few weeks have been so crazy, hectic, and a little sad. A mix of  tests, projects, work, and family concerns have me slowly spinning in circles. But, I am slowly figuring it all out without getting too dizzy!

In my Foodology class, what my sister calls my homemaker class and to which I refer to it as my “Homemaker Wednesdays” , I’ve made asian stir-fry using Ramen noodles. To make it healthier, my partner and I added broccoli, carrots, baby corn, celery, and red and green bell pepper. Then, we added a whole bunch of Indian spices like cayan pepper. It had a nice yellow color and tasted very good, if I do say so myself!

This week, our professor made us two separate meat dishes, Chicken and Beef, in a slow-cooker! Since it required 10 hours+ of cook time our professor made it the night before for us to enjoy in class. Both meats had a maximum of two ingredients added to them. I’ve always been aware of how easy a slow-cooker meal was, but my mom has never made these dishes in a slow cooker before. I was impressed with how easy it was and how good it turned out!

Last week, I finished and turned in my Hoodie I made in my sewing class!! SOOO PROUD!! I added a half-zip, and a massive hood! It’s navy, with a silver zipper, and striped fabric on the wrists! Now, I have two blue sweatshirts, did not think the color through, obviously! (Through out its creation, I would sew a new piece then have a photoshoot, naturally! Well, each time I got a little more excited because it was almost done!! When I finally added the hood I couldn’t stop laughing because the hood covers half my face when on!! So my entire face was hidden and I erupted into uncontrollable fits of laughter!!) Two weekends ago, my family (all of whom are in the U.S. at the present time) came into town. It was nice to see them but a very sad occasion. And I’m still kind of recovering and wrapping my head around certain events, but I feel it will take some time to be able to understand. It was also a nice weekend, very sunny and breezy. I also needed a break from school, so it was nice to be around my family and constantly laughing and joking around to lighten the mood.

That should catch you up on what I’ve been doing recently! AND Griffin Girls has started, that means that Basketball season is soon to be upon us!! EEEEEPPS!! So many exciting things happening! We are currently working on the dance for Late Night which is November 2, 2012!!! All ya’ll should come out and see us perform– because we are all pretty awesome!!

Have a good  weekend!



The blood drive was yesterday, and I can remember last year like it was just yesterday. So weird that it’s been a year already. But anyways, it was a very busy day for me. I first visited my family at the hospital because my uncle was getting brain surgery (sounds scary I know, but he is doing well and is resting at home). Then I came to school and helped out with the blood drive, then donated myself. Even though I had already done this last year, I was still nervous. But of course everything was over before I knew it. Although I guess I felt a little more effected from it this time than I did last year. After you’re finished, they tell you not to do anything extraneous for the next day. But of course, stupid me was like ‘oh yeah I can walk up the stairs to fourth floor of Ryan just fine!’. I don’t know why I decided to take the stairs because every other day I take the elevator, but by the third floor I needed to stop and sit down for a bit because I felt light headed.  Maybe that’s why it said in the pamphlet not to go up stairs alone…. oops?

Anyways, later that day I took the trip to the botanical gardens to the Coffee Class. Let me just say it was awesome! Workers from Kaldi’s coffee explained to us how coffee is made and sold, where is comes from and how to brew. Did you know there is even a Barista competitions? Like, that’s so awesome! I bet the things they do and make puts my pumpkin spice latte making skills to shame. Anyways it was so informational and the room smelled awesome the whole time. I can’t wait to go again to learn about chocolate and I think I’m going to sign up for the Tea one too!!


Cooking Class: Butternut-Barley Soup and Hummus!

by Alumni Posts September 27, 2012

Hi guys! Today in my cooking class I cooked with two things I have been wanting to use since I learned of their existence; an immersion blender and a food processor. I loved the food processor and cannot wait to have one of my own and the blender was pretty awesome too! All of the […]

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I Love Foodology

by Alumni Posts September 24, 2012

This year’s dedicated semester is fantastic. I get to take a great cooking class and go to awesome events with “food” in the spotlight. In my most recent cooking class, we learned how to make egg drop soup, spring rolls with our choice of chicken, crab or veggies, and a nice dipping sauce to go […]

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by Alumni Posts September 21, 2012

As a senior, this is my first time actually participating in a Dedicated Semester course! I mean, I should have participated more over the years becasue it was at my disposal, but I didn’t. Over the course of four D.S., I went to the events offered and even picked up a few t-shirts, but never […]

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Plants as food

by Alumni Posts September 21, 2012

This semester is a dedicated semester — Foodology: the Culture, Economics, and Science of Food. Therefore, there are a lot of interesting events to explore about the food we eat every day. Last Saturday, I joined the dedicated event for “Plants as Food,” which was a day tour of the Botanical Garden in St. Louis. […]

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Foodology was meant for me!

by Alumni Posts September 10, 2012

My gosh, I can’t believe I’m a sophomore already. I was just thinking about when I moved in last year into the dorms. I was so scared and excited all at the same time. Now walking in as a sophomore, I feel like I own the school. Ha Ha, not really. But I do feel […]

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