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Foodology: The Culture

This semester’s dedicated semester is Foodology. There are so many meaningful events I’ve joined. One of them is “ World Food Day.”

World Food day is a very meaningful day, which has many volunteers join this event to package nutritional food in the USA. Then, the STL World Food Day group shipped the packaged food to the Republic of Tanzania in Africa. Each package of food can feed 7 malnourished children in Africa.

Last Friday, 30 Fontbonne students and faculty volunteered to package food in John Burroughs School. We took a “real” yellow school bus to go to the high school which was the location for gathering all the volunteers to package food in St. Louis. I felt so excited because it was my first time to join the World Food Day, and also my first time to take a real yellow school bus in America. We chatted with each other in the school bus, just like high school students.

After we arrived at the high school in Ladue, we wore aprons and covered our hair to protect the food. Then, Fontbonne separated into five teams to make the food packaging more efficient. Some people put rice into the bag and some people added vitamins. Each food package included brown rice, dried vegetables, soy protein, and a vitamin and mineral packet.

The weight for each package is 390g which can feed 7 kids. Fontbonne’s students and faculty did a very good job on World Food Day. We packaged 504 bags which can feed over 3,000 children in Africa.

Everyone was so happy because we packaged food for over 3000 children in just 45 minutes. We really did a good job packing food. I’m hoping the children in Africa can enjoy the nutrition packages.


First things first, HAPPY OCTOBER! I love all things October. It is my birthday month after all. 🙂  This is going to be a quick little update about my life here at Fontbonne.

Cooking Class: Stir Fry! We made a veggie stir fry with Ramen noodles. We had the option of boiling the noodles to make them soft, like pad thai or sautéing the noodles in a dry skillet to make them crunchy. My group boiled half of the package of noodles and crisped the other half of the package. I loved the crunch the toasted noodles gave the dish along with the broccoli, cauliflower, water chestnuts, onion, carrots, peppers, baby corn and bamboo shoots. I can’t remember the spices we used, but it worked out nicely.

Half eaten,,, I almost forgot to take the picture!

Blood Drive: Yesterday I gave blood for the first time!!!!! In previous years, I could never donate because my sport was always in season and this semester I am not participating in a sport soooo I finally got to participate!!! I was so excited when my Iron was high enough to give because I have a history of low Iron. The whole process took 30 minutes tops. The actual blood giving process took about 10 minutes, if that, and was relatively painless. I have always been good with needles and blood work and this was the same way! It is such a great thing to do and I felt great afterwards, physically and mentally, which was not what I expected. I will definitely be donating again! If you have never donated before, consider it!! It is not that bad, I promise!

Awesome shirt! Thank you Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center!

Art: I have about 6 weeks to complete all of the artwork I want to put in the Undergrad art show held for the graduating undergrads. I am working on 5 paintings and multiple digital works. . . Wish me luck. I am so excited and so nervous at the same time! I literally smell like oil paint and turpenoid alllll the time. Cute, I know.  I will do an artwork post eventually!

This Weekend: I AM GOING TO LIVE ON A FARM(for a few days)! My best friend Ariel is whisking me away to a farm in Indiana where we will be taking care of horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, birds and fish all by ourselves!!! Good thing she is experienced. I am so so so so excited for this!!! I LOVE animals and if you never hear from me again, its because I am staying at the farm for the rest of my life just hangin’ with the animals. I am going to gain about 50 new best friends. I do live in Kentucky, but I do not live on a farm. It is a dream of mine to have animals, and I get to live that dream for about 4 days. Not complaining. Expect animal picture overload!

Thats it for now! Again, happy October! Have a great weekend!!



Something that I have come to love about Fontbonne is its Dedicated Semester every Fall Semester. The Dedicated Semester is something fairly unique to Fontbonne and features a broad topic that gives the Fontbonne Community a chance to learn about and discuss the topic through various classes, activities, and events. This year’s Dedicated Semester is “Foodology: The Culture, Economics, and Science of Food.” I knew that I would love this topic as soon as I found out about it. However, I have learned that I really don’t know a whole lot about food.

This past Wednesday, I went to a talk at Schlafly Bottleworks where a family came in to talk about their farm and what it’s like growing some of their own food.

Coming from the suburbs of Chicago, I’m always amazed by people who are able to grow and produce their own food.

The Biula Family even brought some tomato samples from their farm to share with the audience.

This Dedicated Semester has also motivated me to explore new foods on my own. For example, thanks to a local company called NeighborGood Foods, I recently received a basket of fresh local produce from different farms around the area. And I love them even more, because they deliver right to my residence hall on campus!

Another event that I participated in for the Dedicated Semester was a trip to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, which is one of my favorite St. Louis attractions.

We took a tour through some of the areas with people who work/volunteer there and learned about some of the things they’ve been doing at the Gardens.

Some other fun happenings at Fontbonne/around St. Louis:

Fontbonne now has a Quidditch Team/Club (you’ll understand if you like Harry Potter)!

And the Great Forest Park Balloon Race also recently happened! It’s one of my favorite festivals of the year.

Until next time…
Peace, Love, & the Energizer Bunny!


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