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Fontbonne Student Ambassadors

“Why are you so involved?” This was the question my supervisor asked me at work last week when I told him I wasn’t closing because I had to go play in the volleyball tournament for ODK.

Although my response was, “I ask myself that question every day,” and those that know me think I’m crazy for taking on as much as I do, you’re only in college once. I’m only at Fontbonne once. Not only that, I feel as though life is about making the most out of what you’re given. Fontbonne gives me an incredible amount to make the most of, so here I am.

Omicron Delta Kappa: a national leadership honor society in its second year on campus

Fontbonne Student Ambassadors: a student organization closely tied to the Office of Admission, giving tours to prospective students daily

Griffin Girls: the dance team and spirit squad of Fontbonne University

Enactus: a business entrepreneurial organization, also on a national level, in its second year at Fontbonne

All this, coupled with an (almost) full time job in retail, classes, and other activities makes my life difficult at times, but so fulfilling thanks to Fontbonne. I have one busy schedule that helps me make the most of my wonderful life as a Fontbonne Griffin.



To top off what feels like the craziest two weeks I think I’ve ever had in one summer, I had a long list of things to do today. One of those items meant coming back to Fontbonne for the day. It was nice to be back, but a little scary thinking that I’ll be back there for the fall semester in less than a month. Move-in day will be here before I know it!

This morning my sister and I left for the big city of St. Louis. Numerous birthdays are about to occur in our family, so the first stop was the Galleria for some presents. It was a crowded day at the mall, but we both are happy with what we came home with. I myself am a bargain shopper, and I got some good deals! I can’t lie and say I didn’t pick up a couple items for myself. Who wouldn’t?

After the Galleria, I gave my sister directions to a place for lunch and the zoo. She doesn’t know her way around, therefore I was a little worried leaving her to navigate for herself, but I had important things to do. She dropped me off at Fontbonne. This week they held a leadership conference for high school students, and admissions needed some ambassadors to give group tours today. All decked out in my Fontbonne gear, I gave a campus tour to about ten students. It was hot today to say the least, and I know they were all dying to get back indoors, but I think a couple of them actually enjoyed seeing and hearing about the university. I love giving tours and being a part of Fontbonne Student Ambassadors, so I was happy to spend a little time in the heat.

Being back and seeing other students made me realize how soon it is before I’ll be moving in. It’s crazy to think that this time next month I’ll have had my first day of junior year already. How nerve-wracking! Now I’m left to worry about all the things I have to do until then, and try to enjoy the rest of my summer before it gets too late.

A little more shopping occurred on our way home, but we almost didn’t make it. A massive thunderstorm threatened to take us off the road. My sister has a hard enough time driving in the night, and a torrential downpour didn’t help at all. Tons of cars where pulling off the road, but I coaxed her from the passenger side to keep driving. We made it home to find the power was out, and five hours later it just came back on!  I sure am ready to tuck myself into bed and call it a night, but there are a couple things left on my list for today.

Thanks for reading..


Some of you may know other than serving the purpose for me to rant and jabber on about my college experience and life in general, this blog is used to give prospective students an idea of what it’s like to be a student at Fontbonne. This blog is my way of marketing Fontbonne University, giving others insight into how wonderful it is here.

Another way I market or advertise Fontbonne is through Fontbonne Student Ambassadors (FSA). This is my first year being an ambassador for Fontbonne, and I love it. As an ambassador, I have designated time slots each week in which I’m free to give tours. The tours are my time to show the student Fontbonne’s campus, and persuade them to the best of my ability to choose Fontbonne. The tours are individual, and I think that this one-on-one activity helps in making Fontbonne the right choice. Being a part of FSA directly involves me in some students college application process, and as a result I market Fontbonne through the tours I give. FSA also helps out with open houses and group tours that take place here on campus.

Joining organizations and clubs at Fontbonne does take up “free time”, but I definitely do not regret becoming a part of FSA. I am hoping for the next few weeks “free time” will exist in my life, although I highly doubt it. At this moment it sure doesn’t. There’s just a few weeks left of first semester, and as soon as I finish one project I have to start the next. This really makes me wish I started earlier. Between classes, practices, and meetings there’s no time! I have now been reminded that it’s best to get things done early. It’ll save you a lot of time (time for sleeping!) in the end. Never will I procrastinate on a ten page Chemistry paper again, but I am right now because I have yet to begin. Yikes!

Until next week…


Students writing for Real Life at Fontbonne are paid a small fee for each post by the university.