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FISA Pot Luck

Hello, everyone:

Today’s blog is just a recap on my week. Well, the one thing that’s actually interesting. On Tuesday, October 16th, FISA had the International Potluck. Each member of our club brought in a dish that they’ve made (or bought) to share with the whole campus. The food was great, but I did wish that we had much more food!

I made Vietnamese sandwiches with my mom, and she also made Vietnamese pudding; Izzy brought fried rice; Ben brought preserved eggs; Ana brought Brazilian chocolate and corn pudding (I wish I could spell the original names, but oh well); Cata brought her homemade lemon pie; Raegene brought Minute Maid Lemonade; and lastly, Carlos brought coconut flan. Delicious, right? Yes, indeed!

So overall, we had a successful event. Everyone loved the food very much. My twin sister, Mary, and our baby brother, Avin, were also there. It was a lovely day, too. There will be another potluck for next semester, so keep on the lookout!

Have a great weekend. 🙂


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