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Hi everyone!

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Holi Festival of Colors for the first time, and it was awesome. When I heard about this event, I found it so interesting and fun! Holi is an Hindu spring festival, celebrated in India and Nepal. It is a joyful day in which people celebrate the beginning of Spring.

So I wished that the day we celebrated Holi at Fontbonne would have been sunny, but as we know Saint Louis weather can change at anytime, that day we had snow. Hopefully the event was not cancelled. A group of 20 students approximately came, we enjoy some delicious Hindu desserts, and then everyone picked two colors. We all went outside and after the count of three, we all throw the colors to the sky and to each other saying “Happy Holi”. Not even a minute and I was already full of different colors, my hair, my face, and the white tshirt I had were a rainbow. It was so cool! I couldn’t believe I was all colored. Sadly, I couldn’t stay the whole time because I had a class, but everyone stay celebrating Holi for more than half an hour. It was a experience I will never forget, I really enjoy it!

Adriana 🙂

Here I post some colored pics!

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Fall is the season for apples.

There are so many interesting events focusing on apples, such as picking apples, eating apple pies, and the apple butter festival.

Last Sunday, I joined a fun event called “Apple Butter Festival” in Kimmswick, Missouri. I went there with three of my St. Louis friends. Before we left, we ate apple pies to be our appetizer for this event. And we also discussed many delicious foods and had a lot of women’s talk on the way. When we arrived in Kimmswick, there was terrible traffic because this annual event only lasted Saturday and Sunday, so there were hundreds and millions of people there. It was not easy to go inside and find a parking space, but we still found one finally.

Apple Butter Festival is an annual festival for family and friends, and for everyone who want to celebrate fall. Actually, this event was not only for apples, it was more like a large culture market. There were many different stores and stands in this event, including apple farms, Amish jelly, Halloween tools, homemade food and drinks, accessories stores and arts products. There were over 500 vendors on the street, and all of them were very special. Everyone spent money there because they sold different interesting stuff there, such as silly hats for Halloween, delicious food for fall season, interesting stuff for gardening and kitchen.

After shopping, we ate together in a famous restaurant called “The Blue and Owl” restaurant and bakery. It’s an old-fashion restaurant which was opened by Mary. Their food is very delicious and very homemade style. I ordered an Apple Butter Carmel cheesecake to be my appetizer, and also order a home style sandwich to enjoy the meal. It was really yummy, especially eating together with my friends.

I like this event, not only for apple butter, but also for sisters gathering in a restaurant. We had so much fun there. I really enjoyed last weekend and had a good time with my St.Louis friends.


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