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This week has been an academic marathon for me – I’ve had a test, a quiz, or a monster homework assignment due every day so far, and…(wait for it)…I’ve been so sleepy in the mornings from staying up late studying that I’ve started drinking coffee. (*gasp!*)

I’m seriously considering disowning myself for that, seeing as I hate coffee and usually avoid it at all costs. Sometimes, though, you have to bite the bullet – or, sip the bitter brown stuff, if you will – and just get through it. I’d say the semester’s definitely in full swing!

Since it’s the beginning of the school year, I’ll introduce myself so you new readers have a little background on me. Firstly, I’m a junior this year, double-majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math with a Business concentration. This is my third school year blogging for the FBYou site, and fortunately, my life is exciting enough that even after two school years-worth of blogs, I can still come up with a new topic every week! I’m the co-editor-in-chief (because the job title didn’t already have enough hyphens, we had to throw in “co”) of the Fontbanner, the University newspaper, and I’m also the president of the Commuter Advisory Board. I do some other things around campus, but I’ll conceal my hand about those this round so I’ll have an aura of mystery as I reveal my other hobbies throughout the semester. (Don’t get excited – it’s not like I swallow swords or anything).

Hopefully, you’re having a good start to the school year, too, and I’ll talk to you next week!


The story of how I got to Fontbonne is an interesting one. I’m still not completely sure of how I got here, but I’ll do my best to explain my story.

It all started with my love for music and the Fontbonne Communications and Marketing Department. I come from the Western Suburbs of Chicago and I’ll be honest; I had never heard of Fontbonne University and would have never known about it if the University had not found me first. I’m pretty sure that I stumbled upon a Fontbonne email advertisement one day. Back when I was searching for colleges, I tended to automatically delete emails from colleges I had not inquired about first. I came across this Fontbonne advertisement in my inbox and what set it apart from the other not-so-well-known schools was a simple link that told me to click it to get free music and learn about Fontbonne. It’s like they knew my weakness: Free music.

So, I thought, “It can’t hurt, right?” and clicked the link. It took me to, which currently looks a lot different than it did when I was doing my college search. Here’s what it looked like when I was first looking into Fontbonne:

See that “FREE MUSIC” tab on the right side there? Yeah, they totally knew my weakness. 😛

Anyway, that’s all it took for me to check out the site. What kept me interested was when I found out that Fontbonne had my intended major: Speech Pathology. Therefore, I made the mistake of telling my father, “Hey Dad, there’s this school called Fontbonne University with my major!” Little did I know that he would soon become a Fontbonne fanatic.

My father and I journeyed out to visit the colleges on my list. All of the other schools that I applied to were in Illinois and Fontbonne was the only one out of state, so it was fun adventuring out into a new land, especially since I had never been to St. Louis before. I loved exploring the city with my father. Living so close to the city of Chicago back home, I liked having that easy accessibility to downtown, therefore having downtown St. Louis so close to the Fontbonne campus was a major plus for me.

Also, St. Louis is quite a beautiful city that isn’t too big, but it also isn’t like living in the middle of nowhere. It has great attractions like the City Museum and the Gateway Arch.

Regardless of the fact that Fontbonne is surrounded by such a great city, it still had a lot to compete with, since all of the colleges that I applied to had a lot to offer as well. And I’ll admit it; I tried as hard as I could to not go to Fontbonne. After looking at all the schools and rounding them down, I had my heart set on Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. It also probably didn’t help that my father was pushing Fontbonne so much and teenagers have the tendency to sometimes go against their parents wants. What it did come down too though was that I got the best deal economically from Fontbonne. Plus, the cross country coach who recruited me was a serious beast in recruiting runners compared to the other colleges’ cross country coaches. And even though Augustana College had both a great cross country program and dance program, Fontbonne lucked out because I realized that I could try out for the Griffin Girls Dance Team and I knew that I needed a school where I could dance. Also, what Fontbonne had for me in Speech Pathology is a Graduate Program. I knew that I needed to eventually complete my master’s degree in order to get into my intended career, so Fontbonne’s Speech Pathology Graduate Program was a major convenience.

With all of that said, despite my efforts to not choose Fontbonne, the University had chosen me and found its way to get me here. Am I glad that it worked out the way it did? Absolutely. Without the past sequence of events, I never would have found my way to such great people and friends here. I have come to love this small school, because it feels like a home. I would have felt like a small fish in a big blue ocean had I gone to one of the larger schools that I applied to. Even though it’s smaller, I can still go off campus and explore the surrounding areas. With it only being my second year here, I still can’t get enough of exploring the places around me. This is my home away from home.

And now, for a recent memory captured on camera at Fontbonne:

Here were our partners for the Griffin Girls’ Guy/Girl Dance…

My partner and I totally rocked it. 🙂

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Pencil-thin Mustaches.


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