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FBU Griffin Nation

by Candance on October 25, 2016

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Because of Fontbonne I will be able to design curriculum for both the deaf and hearing communities within the Instructional Design & Technology industry as well as provide exceptional online training. I’m so very humbled to be involved in this field because it aligns with skills I already have and are currently enhancing those skills to a whole new level!

I’m thankful to Fontbonne for sending me that “Grad Preview” night post card and me being obedient and open to coming that night. That was a great decision!! #FBUGriffinNation


Fontbonne inspires me to excel in all that I do. It inspired to me to well in my academics. I worked hard in my courses, got good grades , and got accepted into ODK for being in the top third of my class. It also helped me to get internships. I was encouraged to search for a career very early, and I am really glad I planned ahead. Right now I have an internship with life work systems and next month I will find out if I received another internship for this summer. People at Fontbonne encouraged me to give a good impression to potential employers and writing a resume.

Fontbonne also inspired me to get involved on campus. I have met so many amazing people and enjoy seeing them everyday. I am part of the activities board, student government, enactus, and I am also leading the metanoia retreat. (You should all attend). I do not simply go to class and go home, I interact with people on a daily basis. I have become a well rounded person at Fontbonne.



We are Griffin Nation

by Anna on October 21, 2016

in College Life

I know the “We Are Griffin Nation” movement kicked off a little while ago, but honestly, it slipped by me because of all the homework and studying surrounding midterms.  I just got a chance to check out some of the wonderful statements other Fontbonne students have come up with.  It’s clear that “Griffin Nation” is full of young adults who want to make a difference!  I loved the variety of responses, from future occupations and achieving goals to finding out who you are and what matters to you.   This campus that so many of us call home is dedicated to educating, inspiring, equipping, and encouraging tomorrow’s leaders.  I know this gets said a lot, but it’s really true:  you (and your education) matter at Fontbonne. 

It was really hard for me to choose just one option and a few sentences about what Fontbonne means.  I finally settled for “Fontbonne inspires me to…”  It inspires me to learn more and be more, obviously. But what exactly does that mean?  For me, it means that I am changing in a good way.  Even in the past two months, I know I have been transforming.  I’ve grown to be more confident.  I can think critically, prioritize my time, and make wise decisions.  Each day I gain a greater awareness of the world around me — and that’s not just St. Louis, Missouri, or even the United States.  I’ve learned to have an opinion that matters, but also respect others who have different views.  My professors, fellow students, and the whole campus atmosphere inspires me to be the best I can be not only in academics, but in life in general.  How can I contribute to the common good?!

It’s been a really interesting first semester.  It’s been both similar and different from what I expected (not unusual, haha!), but ultimately I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I cannot wait for the years to come and look back fondly on the great memories I’m already making.  I’m sure the changes that I’ve undergone already are nothing compared to how I will emerge in four years — prepared for the next step in my career, ready to influence the world, and inspired to never stop learning more and being more.





Because of Fontbonne…

by Taylor on October 20, 2016

in College Life

“Because of Fontbonne I will…” This is the statement from the We Are Griffin Nation website that stuck out to me the most. Where do I start? There are so many things from my Fontbonne experience that are applicable to this statement. I have had so many experiences here that have changed my perspective and made me think in new, exciting ways. Since I have been here I have learned so much about myself and others, and have grown as a person in so many ways. One statement just would not be enough. Because of Fontbonne I will graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to propel myself further into my chosen career. Because of Fontbonne I will have countless connections with people who have shaped me and changed my life in ways that I could have never imagined. Because of Fontbonne I now have the confidence and motivation to strive for things that I want, even if they scare me. But mostly, because of Fontbonne, I am a better, smarter,kinder, and more confident person than I was when I first got here.


What does being a part of Griffin Nation mean to you?

Have a great week!



To Be or Not To Be a Leader…

by Morgan October 19, 2016

Hello all!! Welcome back once again, Griffin Nation! This week I’m talking about what Fontbonne means to me. I’m proud to be a Griffin because of how many leadership opportunities it has given me. Fontbonne continues to impress me with all of the new things that I can get involved in. When I first came […]

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