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Our prompt for this week is what class has been most important to you in your school career.  While it is not your typical class per se, hands down for me it is student teaching.

I am currently doing my student teaching.  Last semester in Jane Wolff’s Instructional Process, she would repeat week after week that you have to give everything you have got and more to your student teaching.  She was 100% correct. Student teaching has taken over my life. I am not going to lie, it is overwhelming and stressful but it is also the best time of my school career.

Some days I think I am learning more than my students.  It is definitely a collaborative process. I have learned so much in my first few weeks of student teaching.  The most important thing I have learned is BE PREPARED and no matter how much you plan a lesson, something may not go according to plan. This keeps you on your toes and constantly learning.  I am enjoying the journey and savoring every minute of this experience.


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New Semester

by Alumni Posts on February 11, 2013

in Academics,College Life

My favorite class this semester is Writing Poetry. I have Dr. Sommers teaching my class. The class is mixed with people who write poetry and those who don’t write poetry. I enjoy hearing other people’s work. I would recommend this class to anyone. Dr. Sommers will help you with everything. If you have a question that may seem silly to you, it won’t seem silly to him.


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