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I have been thinking about the new information I have been learning this semester.  I had not really realized how much of my classes really linked together as well as they did.  Though really, what I have enjoyed the most about would be in my Family Policy & Advocacy in Family and Consumer Science class. We reviewed important texts of information especially over the Human Ecological Model created by Urie Brofenbrenner, where this visual representation illustrates how relationships within our lives impacts those around each and every one of us.  Take a child within a family, an individual.  This could be the center core to the circle model.  Around the center core of this circle, there are about five circles which stand other “layers” of the larger circle and have significance.  Each level focuses on various amounts of interaction, through relationships, with the specific individual, which can be anyone we wish to analyze or take time to learn more about. The first layer surrounding the center core stresses the importance of direct relationships with the main individual, such as relationships with family members. The next layer really focuses on the relationships with people who interact with the main individual – creating indirect relationships with the main individual.  As the circle expands out further with each relationship, the impact on the individual is less direct.  I know I can go much further in explaining the layers, but I want to mainly talk about what I have taken away from learning about this new information.

What I really appreciate about my major is the importance of relationships we create with people around us.  How the relationships we foster with one another really impacts the way we develop as an individual in life.  I know I have been told in the past that my actions really impact others around me, but I had not really understood until learning this diagram in depth.  As a citizen in the United States, though more specifically as a citizen in the city of St. Louis, I am part of the bigger picture in some people’s lives. But, additionally I am also part of the smaller picture in other people’s lives, such as those closest to me.


Today is Valentine’s Day. I’d like to share a small note to my friends and blog readers:

“Valentine’s Day is not for only lovers of the world, but also more for family & friends who care for each other all through the years.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the friends who saw this note.

I wish all you have a sweetest day.

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