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Fall Festival

Last week, I discussed Inauguration Week events. I promised I would post pictures as the events unfolded. And here they are! I am extremely pleased with how successful everything went.

Dr. Mike Pressimone is now officially the 14th president of Fontbonne University. This is an occasion that will go down in history, and I was very glad to be a part of it. The ceremony on Friday in which he gave his Inaugural Address was outstanding, and made me even more proud to call myself a Griffin. The ball on Saturday was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the week. It is so much to get dressed up for formal occasions. The ball was at the Science Center, where there was an amazing view as you walked along the bridge for pictures, delicious food, and fun music. It was so nice seeing students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Pressimone family all come together for a special evening together.

Here’s to a great new beginning for the Fontbonne community!

Some ODK Exec members with Dr. Sommer at the Last Lecture event Some ODK Exec members with Dr. Sommer at the Last Lecture event The ODK booth at the Fall Festival The ODK booth at the Fall Festival FAB members at the Inaugural Ball FAB members at the Inaugural Ball


What an eventful week these past seven days have been! This past week was dedicated to our new university president, Dr. Pressimone. The week was filled with lectures, panels, Dr. Pressimone’s official inauguration, investiture receptions, a fall festival, and a ball to end the week and celebrate the inauguration on Saturday.

My favorite event by far was the inaugural ball on Saturday. It was held at the Science Center just a few minutes from school. The ball was held in a private reception area that was decorated beautifully! Staff, faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the Pressimone clan were all in attendance and everyone seemed to have a great time! There were appetizers, a dance floor, a dj, and a photo booth complete with fun props! I don’t think anyone will forget the fun they had that night!

The week as a whole was definitely one for the books! Not only was it an important part for Fontbonne history, but a week long celebration of fun!


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Happy almost Halloween!   It’s the last week of October already; can you believe it?  If you haven’t had a chance to do any festive activities, Fontbonne has a few going on this week that you might want to attend:

Fall Festival–Okay, so this one was last week.  But if you missed it, you definitely want to go next year!  Campus organizations come together in the meadow (or the AMC when it rains) and celebrate the end of October with all kinds of fall activities.  This year, NSSLHA (National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association) had baby pumpkins to paint and BSO (Biological Sciences Organization) had big pumpkins for carving. RHA (Residence Hall Association) had some delicious cookies to decorate (and to eat, of course). There was also chili, apple cider, and . . . (wait for it) . . . a crepe truck!  The cardinals game was also playing on the huge blow-up screen, so no one missed any of the action while enjoying the party. So if you missed the fall festival this year, make sure you come next year!

Candy grams:

Monday-Wednesday this week, FAB is selling candy grams. If you’d like to go all Mean Girls on your friends, you can order them some candy grams to be picked up in the DSAC on Thursday 11:30-1:30.  You go, Glen Coco!

Halloween Havoc:

This is taking place on Thursday from11:30-1:30 in the DSAC (candy gram coincidence? I think not).  I hear they have caricature drawings and apple cider. You should stop by if you have time.

One last thing:  I promised you an update on my pumpkin carving. Well…

Voila!  One and a half hours and a very messy kitchen later.

You can guess which one is mine (the one that took 1 1/2 hours to scrape thin enough for the light to show through).  Happy Halloween!


Fall. It’s that time of year when everything whizzes by. After midterms, it’s one event, test, project, or activity to the next, and the next thing you know finals are over and it’s Christmas break. This past week, it was enjoyable to hit the “pause” button for an evening and relax.

Student Government Association (SGA) held their annual Fall Festival. Numerous clubs and organizations on campus got involved by providing games, food, or other activities. Held in the Meadow, it was a beautiful fall evening for all that stopped by. The Cardinals game was projected so us Cards Fans didn’t miss out on the action. Holy Crepes, a food truck, was even on campus providing chilly students with the warmth of some delicious crepes. Pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, and a Halloween costume contest were some of the tables sponsored by student organizations. Offerings of chili, apple cider, caramel apples, and other candy and treats were welcome for all. One thing that’s always a constant at Fontbonne is free food. The Fall Festival was no exception!

Omicron Delta Kappa was one of the student organizations present at Fall Festival. At our general board meeting a few weeks ago, we determined we wanted to offer something different and decided on pumpkin bowling. It’s a simple game of bowling with a pumpkin bowling ball (basketball) and ghost pins (soda bottles). I spent the week of the Festival preparing for our tables by painting faces on the basketball and pins. ODK gave out individual pretzel bags to students, which we adhered our special Halloween logo to.

It was a very successful event. We had a lot of students come out and do their best with pumpkin bowling. Only one person knocked down all the pins the entire night! I’m excited to move onto the next ODK event or involvement, but don’t want the rest of this fall semester to go by so fast!

Thanks for reading..

ODK Pumpkin Bowling

Treats ODK provided with our Halloween logo!


After the Boys of Summer Have Gone

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Let’s be honest here: I’m a summer girl. I like warm (borderline hot) weather, laying out in the sun, and wearing flip flops and tanks. But I can get on board with fall. After all, it does bring about my favorite holiday: Halloween! Fontbonne always does a good job of celebrating the holiday with a […]

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A lot can happen in 48 hours.  Being overly interested in microbiology and bacteria, I can tell you that a visible colony of E. coli can grow on an agar plate in as little as 48 hours (although 72 hours would probably give you more to work with).  But anyways, as I said, 48 hours […]

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Poppin’ Tags

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Halloween season is upon us again, and Fontbonne is giving me plenty of fun things to look forward to. One thing that is particularly holiday-related is the Fall Festival, which is happening on the evening of October 25th. The Fall Festival is an event that unites a bunch of Fontbonne student organizations in providing activities […]

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