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Just My Luck.

by Alumni Posts on October 20, 2013

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Hey  Griffin Nation! Did you enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend? I sure did! That is until I dropped my phone and the screen shattered and now I am without a phone. It took me three hours to get a hold of my mom to let her know what happened. I was so frustrated and mad. I had to message my cousin on Facebook for her to call my mom and tell her what happened. Luckily I will have my new phone sometime this week. Until then hopefully my body wakes up when it needs to since I no longer have an alarm clock. This just might be a sucky week.

Just my luck.


Of course, good luck finding a college student who doesn’t love Facebook, who doesn’t procrastinate regularly by scrolling through their news feed, and who doesn’t regularly keep in contact with their friends (and sometimes family) using this social media beast.

But I feel like I have a special relationship with Facebook. I manage two pages besides my own on FB; one is for FAB, where I’ve had a fun time tinkering around with social media advertising. It’s a unique experience. Not only have I tried the free form of it—events, status updates, and so on—but I also had a chance to attempt using FB’s paid ads. It was a useful learning experience!

But in the last 24 hours or so, FB has been particularly interesting to me. Let me share two stories. I like to write a lot, but I’ll do my best to keep them brief.

Story 1: I received a message from a Fontbonne alumn, saying she had graduated from FU a little over a decade ago. What bonds us is that she noticed I was from Penfield, a suburb of Rochester, NY. She herself was from Fairport, a neighboring suburb, and had gone to a nearby high school I was familiar with. How crazy is that? I thought I was the only person to ever come out of upstate New York to Fontbonne, much less from Rochester (that is, until Brad Soble showed up—he went to a neighboring high school, too!) I’m currently chatting with this woman, asking her how life has been since Fontbonne and so on. Too cool!

Story 2: I received a friend request from a woman I didn’t know. Her profile picture looked oddly familiar and her name rang a bell, but we had no friends in common and she wasn’t in any of my networks. However, when I checked her page, I saw she had friends in the networks of some large advertising agencies, so I accepted. I then sent her a message, to see if I know her. Turns out she had the wrong Andrew Cohen… but I finally figured out that I recognized her because I had just read an article about her; she was recently hired to an agency that I had just applied to for an internship! (In fact, her profile picture is the same one used in that article, which explains how she looked familiar.) Thrilled by this random windfall, I asked her if she could maybe provide some guidance and wisdom based on her successful career so far. She asked me to e-mail her my resume… What! Maybe I’ll get an internship out of this?! Either way, it’s an amazing experience!

Facebook—and social media in general—has risen up to become a dominant, undeniable feature of our culture. Use it. Master it. Love it. It’s not going anywhere.


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