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Environmental Club

Remember how I said I was Environmental Club president? Well, it’s time to get back on my game and start shamelessly promoting some events.
First, we have our annual Recyclemania campaign running from February 2nd – March 29th, so there will be periodic trivia and prizes for that.  Recyclemania is basically a nationwide competition for colleges to see who can recycle the most…I’ll be real with you, Fontbonne probably isn’t gonna win any prizes running against the big dogs, but we get free stuff for signing up and it helps raise awareness, so I’m all about it.
Also in February – the 17th through the 21st – will be our first shot at “No Impact Week”, which involves signing up people to do one or more sustainable activities for at least one week. We’ll document their success/failure based on social media posts and give a prize at the end. Come find us on the 17th to sign up!! We’ll be in DSAC and Ryan Hall during lunch and dinner.
Further ahead, we’ll have a eco-friendly make-your-own spring cleaners event in March, and then our big ticket item, the Environmental Fair, will be in April. That’s the lineup for my last semester as Environmental Club president, and I wanna do it big. Come support us!


WELL here we are back in school again. Is it really my last semester in college? Welp, as long as I don’t accidentally fail something, it sure is. Medical Nutrition Therapy II, Experimental Foods, Microbiology, and HES Senior Synthesis are all on the schedule for the next few months, and then that’s all, folks!
So far I’m digging my classes. I’m learning about how to treat various diseases and conditions with diet, experimenting with vegan pound cakes, swabbing bacteria on agar dishes, and writing a FAT paper to sum up my college career in the HES department. I’m still Environmental Club president as well, so expect plenty of posts geared in that direction.
Basically, I’m planning to live it up and enjoy the remainder of my time at Fontbonne. It’s been a great 3.5 years so far, and it just keeps getting better. Looking forward to a rad last semester!


Tuesday was super exciting this week… because it was Environmental Club’s shopping night at Rosemary Grove! Rosemary Grove is a great store in Kirkwood that sells Fair Trade items supporting both the local economy and developing countries around the world. We have a partnership with them – anytime you shop there and mention us 10% of the purchase goes to a charity of our choice – but tonight was a special event with cookies and coffee too! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and here are some pictures of the store!
Come by and check it out!!


Let’s be honest here: I’m a summer girl. I like warm (borderline hot) weather, laying out in the sun, and wearing flip flops and tanks. But I can get on board with fall. After all, it does bring about my favorite holiday: Halloween! Fontbonne always does a good job of celebrating the holiday with a campus-wide Fall Festival that includes games and activities from all the student organizations. Will Environmental Club be there? YOU BET.
As you may know, this year the Fall Festival is October 24th from 7:30 to 10pm. Hopefully a lot of student organizations will be there besides us, but regardless we have the thrift shop costume contest locked down. The setup: we get a bunch of crazy stuff from the Good Will Outlet, set up a table at the Festival, and have people come by and create a costume from our raw materials. We take a picture of each participant, and the best costume at the end of the night will win a prize. The prize will likely be food related….Caramel apples? S’mores making kit? Some other delicious treat? You’ll have to stop by and find out!
Here are some pictures from last year to get the creative juices flowing:
Intergalactic space traveler
Wendy from Peter Pan (THE WINNER)
Anyway, I hope to see you there!


Manic Monday

by Alumni Posts October 8, 2013

What’s your favorite day of the week? Friday, because it’s the start of the weekend? Sunday, because it’s a day of rest and relaxation? Maybe Saturday, because it’s right in the middle. Whatever day is your favorite, I’d bet my bottom dollar that it’s not Monday. Monday gets a pretty bad rep – it’s the […]

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Spirit in the Sky

by Alumni Posts September 17, 2013

Well, it’s time to start blogging again for the fall season, and I’m gonna go ahead and drop some exciting news to start off with a bang. But first: some important background information. About me: I’m Marielle; I’m a senior dietetics major at Fontbonne; I like running, drawing, dancing, plants, and hairless cats; I’m founder […]

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Everything You Own In a Box to the Left

by Alumni Posts August 1, 2013

Hard to believe it, but I’ll be moving back into the good ol’ Fontbonne dorms in less than two weeks. Strangely enough, it seems that each time I make the trek back, I have EVEN MORE STUFF to bring with me….I digress. I’ve had a marvelous time relaxing, reading, running, cooking, and crafting at home […]

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After the Boys of Summer Have Gone

by Alumni Posts June 24, 2013

Well now that it’s officially summer, ironically I’ve begun to think a bit ahead to the start of the next school year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully enjoying all my luscious free time by running, baking, crafting, reading, tanning, etc. etc. – But there are definitely a few things I’m excited about for next […]

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Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Cut The Cord

by Alumni Posts May 8, 2013

Holy cats – the semester is almost over. I have to say that overall, this past year has been my favorite at Fontbonne. It’s crazy, but honestly things just keep getting better and better for me here. My college experience so far has been just as wonderful as I ever could have imagined, and I […]

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by Alumni Posts April 22, 2013

I don’t have pictures from Fontbonne’s Environmental Fair yet, but to tide you over until I do – here’s some from the Forest Park Earth Day Festival I went to on Sunday!! STL BikeWorks! Where we bought some of the Environmental Club bikes. Free sample of eco-friendly, toxin-free, nail polish! You know you want some […]

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