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by Alumni Posts on February 18, 2015

in Faith,Our Causes

It’s Fat Tuesday! Bon Appetit :))

Fontbonne enjoyed a three day weekend due to all the snow! A little snow in February is always a good thing but there seems to be some unusual weather patterns this new year. Many people have been talking about global warming over the past decade but is it really happening?

The Mauna Loa carbon dioxide record, also known as the “Keeling Curve,” is the world’s longest unbroken record of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.  This record is taken near the top of Mauna Loa on the big island of Hawaii. It shows that carbon dioxide has been increasing steadily from values around 317 parts per million when Charles D. Keeling began measurements in 1958, to nearly 400 ppm today. A few things that effect this number are industry pollution, unnecessary consumer waste, inefficient energy sources, and forest destruction. Since the new year, the carbon (ppm) has decreased to around 395 but please take time to look over this website. While our actions today do not effect the our lives or the lives of our children, it is our grandchildren and the generations after that feel the full consequences of environmental change.

Simple things like not getting a receipt at McDonald’s, using online bank statements, turning off lights, televisions, and other electronics throughout the night when the house is left unattended, and even RECYCLING can help reduce the carbon parts per million and help our world with it’s sustainable future!

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Some weeks ago I attended an event about the West Lake Landfill crisis. Unbeknownst to me, the crisis at West Lake has a large impact on the St. Louis region. I, myself, was clueless about he goings-on in Bridgeton. My sister, a devoted advocate of the Earth, asked me to join her.

The West Lake Landfill located in Bridgeton, Missouri, is divided into sectors. In these sectors, smoldering fires have occurred. Due to the fallout of the Manhattan Project and the additional build-up of waste throughout the years, a landfill fire was caused in 2010. Since then, citizens of Bridgeton and neighboring towns have advocated for environmental justice. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has created a barrier between the landfill and radioactive materials (adjacent to the landfill) but this is not enough. Countless families are suffering from the effects of the landfill, from stench to the potential appearance of chronic disease due to contact with toxic materials in water sources.

Lois Gibbs was the guest speaker at the event. Having been witness to the Love Canal crisis (a similar catastrophe that dealt with 20,000 tons of toxic chemicals) Lois understood the importance of community and justice. Her speech was not only incredibly moving, but empowering. She called the West Lake Landfill site the “worst site in the country.” She also stated that the EPA has the power and authority to do anything. If this is true, why is change not so apparent? Like several other environmental cases, a lot of research is required to uncover the truth about environmental disaster–and it is not an easy task. For 35 years Lois worked to rectify the crisis that was going on in her own neighborhood. In order to find the answers, a lot of “digging” is required, which proves just how much we are left in the dark about our own health and safety.

The “unknown factor” is what causes a lot of people to become fearful. Knowing what’s going on in the St. Louis area is imperative to environmental change. Whenever I attend these events, I am reminded of my roots. St. Louis is my home, home to Fontbonne University, where so many of us enjoy the luxury of an abundant campus filled with nature and life.  It is easy to get caught up in your own world an it is easy to dismiss the bigger picture. The way I see it, St. Louis is, in fact, a much smaller picture and it is a great place to start. Just by going to events–such as the Nuclear Waste Landfill Fire Teach-In or–you are choosing knowledge over ignorance. It is important to know about the environment and how St. Louis, and all its respective areas, regions, and counties are faring.

Something I remembered from Lois’ speech was her letter-writing tutorial of sorts. She encouraged us to write a letter to “the people in charge” and write honestly. Some people fear that they do not know enough to write letters to authorities, or think that their writing skills are inadequate. On the contrary, writing the best way you know how shows that you are authentic and will make more of an impression.

I urge students to go out and seek opportunities that will increase knowledge and awareness. Stay informed!


Remember how I said I was Environmental Club president? Well, it’s time to get back on my game and start shamelessly promoting some events.
First, we have our annual Recyclemania campaign running from February 2nd – March 29th, so there will be periodic trivia and prizes for that.  Recyclemania is basically a nationwide competition for colleges to see who can recycle the most…I’ll be real with you, Fontbonne probably isn’t gonna win any prizes running against the big dogs, but we get free stuff for signing up and it helps raise awareness, so I’m all about it.
Also in February – the 17th through the 21st – will be our first shot at “No Impact Week”, which involves signing up people to do one or more sustainable activities for at least one week. We’ll document their success/failure based on social media posts and give a prize at the end. Come find us on the 17th to sign up!! We’ll be in DSAC and Ryan Hall during lunch and dinner.
Further ahead, we’ll have a eco-friendly make-your-own spring cleaners event in March, and then our big ticket item, the Environmental Fair, will be in April. That’s the lineup for my last semester as Environmental Club president, and I wanna do it big. Come support us!


Well now that it’s officially summer, ironically I’ve begun to think a bit ahead to the start of the next school year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully enjoying all my luscious free time by running, baking, crafting, reading, tanning, etc. etc. – But there are definitely a few things I’m excited about for next semester! First of all, I think I’ve got a good batch of interesting classes coming up, like Advanced Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy, and my Dietetics Internship Prep seminar. I’m also pumped to be living on campus in my favorite little 3rd floor suite. But most of all, I’m excited about the Fall 2013 Dedicated Semester: SUSTAINABILITY!!!!!

I just got my t-shirt:

As president of the Environmental Club, I’ve been part of the planning committee  for the past couple of months, and I’m happy to see it all coming together. We’ve got some great stuff coming up, so I hope you’re all as excited as I am! And don’t worry, you know I’ll keep you posted with lots of shameless plugs. But for now, enjoy summer!


My Eyes Don’t Recognize You At All

by Alumni Posts June 20, 2013

TerraCycle: It’s a word that sounds like “recycle”, and that’s basically what it means, but it’s a little different than your average paper/plastic/glass recycling jazz. TerraCycle is taking stuff that you wouldn’t think could be recycled, and turning it into something else useful, like a binder, or a backpack, or a fencepost.  And many times […]

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by Alumni Posts April 22, 2013

I don’t have pictures from Fontbonne’s Environmental Fair yet, but to tide you over until I do – here’s some from the Forest Park Earth Day Festival I went to on Sunday!! STL BikeWorks! Where we bought some of the Environmental Club bikes. Free sample of eco-friendly, toxin-free, nail polish! You know you want some […]

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Why Fontbonne!?!

by Alumni Posts February 13, 2012

Picking a college is never an easy choice. You can decide by the area it’s in, the curriculum it has, or you can even decide on a college by it’s school colors! Seriously, I have heard of people who picked a college based on the school colors. Websites even exist that tell you which college […]

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Have A Green Christmas!

by Alumni Posts December 5, 2011

We are on the cusp of finals here at Fontbonne, and pretty soon it will be time to pack up and go home. Overall I can say that I am very satisfied with the year so far. I really enjoyed all my classes, and I feel prepared for my upcoming tests. The Environmental Club had […]

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Green Laundry

by Alumni Posts September 22, 2011

In honor of the Environmental Club’s “Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent” program on Thursday night, I’m going to leave you all with a few tips on how to make doing your laundry better for the environment! Don’t toss those jeans into the laundry after just one wear! Put hangers on a doorknob or curtain […]

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Let’s Go Terracycling!

by Alumni Posts March 9, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, back in November, Fontbonne signed up to be a part of Terracycle. Terracycle is an “up-cycling” company whose mission is to take what normally is considered trash and turn it into something new. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill recycling, though – Terracycle is all about turning candy wrappers into […]

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