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End of Semester

Hey everyone! I’m back once again to blog to you all, and this week I’m blogging about how I’m wrapping up the end of the semester (year)!!! Now I know that everyone is just as excited as I am to either get back home or to at least be out of classes for a few months! (I have been ready since Spring Break, let me tell you…) I can’t wait to be home so that I can work at my job back home, but also to hang out with my family, go on family vacations, and to just relax.

But to think about how I’m prepping for the end of the semester? That’s a tough one… I don’t know what I’d actually say that I do besides make sure (like triple check) that everything you need to have finished is done, turned in, and then you don’t have to worry about it ever again. Sometimes people wait until the end of the semester to even start certain things, and to be honest, I have no idea how you can manage that sort of stress because I couldn’t imagine not doing something for class on purpose (but I have forgotten a few assignments here and there!!)

Another way that I try and prep for the end of the semester is to not procrastinate… I may not always practice what I preach, especially right now, but cramming is not always the best idea… I know that I procrastinate quite a bit, but I would like to tell you all that we should not procrastinate specifically in biology because I have a comprehensive final and I am not mentally prepared for what is going to come of it :/

peace out,



OMG! Am I glad the end is oh, so near. This semester has been a whirlwind (in a good way). This semester has challenged me in many ways but it’s all worth it and I know it’s growing me in so many areas!

I have been procrastinating a bit with finishing up my paper and getting started on my final presentation but I’ll be back at it starting today with getting things done. I have a 10-page paper to complete, which is just about done, and a virtual conference presentation I have to start. I’m trying to figure out which presentation slide show tool I’d like to use, I thought I’d try PowToon but it doesn’t seem to want to work properly so I’m currently searching for something else. If all else fails, I’ll just use a tool called Articulate-Storyline 2.

Even though I’m taking 1 class this summer, getting a break for a few short weeks will be very comforting to my brain.

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Hello all,

I hope everyone has had a productive week as you all have been preparing for the end of the semester with papers and projects.  As a senior on campus who is getting ready for graduation, so I know it is a tough time in the semester.  I am also a student athlete at Fontbonne and I work outside of school downtown at Busch Stadium.  It has definitely been a stressful few weeks since we have been back from spring break because there is just so much to do.  I will give you all the advice that I have been given from other some of my life mentors who I have known for a while.  Even though it may be a stressful time in the school year for students, just remember to breath and smile along the way.  If you remember to smile and stay positive you will make it to the finish line.  Although you may be overwhelmed with all of your assignments and deadlines, but know you will make it through to May. Sometimes I feel as though things are being thrown at me all at once, but it only lasts for so long and then the semester will be over.


Hey guys!

It’s a testament to how insane grad school is that I haven’t written in a long time. I’ve been crazy busy with assignments, papers, projects, you name it! But thankfully, Easter break was restful, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to complete my third semester of grad school with a bang. Since I’m in the ISPP dietetic program, I’ll get a week off and then go straight into my internship – exciting!! I can’t wait! Meanwhile, my plans for that week include sleeping, sleeping, aaaaaaand probably lounging by the pool with a good book. What do you guys have going on this summer?

I hope you all had a restful Easter break and got to eat some delicious homemade food – and that the Easter Bunny visited you 😉 He came to my house and was quite generous with the chocolate and coins.

Keep moving forward and good luck with finals.



End of the Semester!

by Anna December 1, 2016

It seems crazy to think that just three-and-a-half months ago, I was starting my college journey.  Now, it’s almost 1/8 done!  Whoa…that’s a little scary to think about!  If this semester went by quickly, just imagine the remaining seven; before I know it, Fontbonne will be a memory and I’ll be entering yet another new […]

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The Little Things

by Alumni Posts December 4, 2013

Finals week. These are two words I have been dreading to manifest all semester. Time is a concept I have no control over so the inevitable has happened. The next eight days of my life are going to be sleep deprived and taxing, but wonderful and memorable at the same time. Finals week is also […]

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Another Semester Over.

by Alumni Posts December 13, 2012

I say after finishing finals every semester, but I can’t believe the semester is actually over.  Gone are the days of developmental bio, plant bio, physics I, biotech I and IV, advanced stats, and bio seminar.  It’s hard to believe it’s all over. I can say with confidence that I’ve learned a lot of really […]

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Minitab to the Rescue!

by Alumni Posts December 1, 2012

To date, I think I’ve highlighted each class that I’m currently taking , excepting advanced statistics.  For a third-year biology major like me, it is sort of strange to be in advanced statistics, which is a 300-level math class.  Dr. Newton is helpful and fun, and I’ve made some friends in the class, but it’s […]

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So close!

by Alumni Posts November 26, 2012

What has seemed like the longest, most difficult semester of my life…is finally coming to an end! As my final day of Thanksgiving break is beginning, I am realizing that once I get back I only have two weeks left! That’s just crazy! Although two weeks is a short time, I do have a lot […]

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Last Call

by Alumni Posts November 19, 2012

It’s hard to believe the semester is almost over, but it is undeniably coming to an end. And while I enjoy not having classes and homework, I have to say that I miss being at Fontbonne during breaks! Because, honestly, academics is only one part of Fontbonne. I would have to admit that it is […]

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