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Emily Owens M.D.

During the school year, I never really have a ton of time to engage in the purely-American tradition of watching primetime TV. And, honestly, I really don’t like TV all that much to begin with. But, even so, I do enjoy watching a few shows; namely, “The Big Bang Theory,” “Jeopardy!” (for which I’ll be taking the online test in March in hopes of being on the college tournament – wish me luck!), “Emily Owens M.D.” (which was cancelled, much to my dismay), and “The Amazing Race.”

Tomorrow night, the next season of “The Amazing Race” will begin. I’ve always loved this show because it allows me to travel the world and experience various cultures while sitting in my spot on the couch. (I openly admit that, like Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory,” I do have my special spot on the couch around which my entire universe revolves.) I’ve loved that show since the very beginning, and I think it would be awesome to be a contestant on it one day.

But as I think about watching this and other reality shows, I realize that my reality is much different. Instead of asking the question to the given answer or scarfing down a huge bowl of cheese while sitting on a Ferris wheel in a faraway country, I’ll be studying for the four tests that I have to take next week. I’ll be reviewing the evolutionary relationships among the central nervous systems of various species, the differences among the different types of biochemical reactions, and the equations related to electric fields. Is this as fun as backpacking on a race around the world? Arguably not. But, eventually, I’ll get somewhere special because of all of this studying, even if that special somewhere is a lab in the middle of the city of St. Louis.

And for those of you who need a quick pick-me-up break from studying, enjoy one of my very favorite guilty-pleasure clips from – you guessed it – “The Amazing Race.”


“I’m just having the worst day…”

“That man in there is going to have to learn how to walk again without a leg, and the woman down in 501, she’s going to be told that she has stage four pancreatic cancer.  You’re not having the worst day.”

The above dialogue is from my new televised addiction, the CW’s “Emily Owens M.D.”  Though this show is definitely in the dramedy category, I think that these short lines speak volumes.

It’s Thanksgiving break.  One of the most-revered holidays in America is tomorrow.  And as I sit here writing this blog, I’m taking a break from all of the work I still have to do.  By next week, I have to complete a plant biology research paper, a developmental biology essay, a physics term paper, and a statistics case-study paper, plus I have to prepare for two major presentations.  And as I said, it’s Thanksgiving break.

At various times during the semester (especially near the end), it’s easy to get caught up in yourself.  It becomes increasingly easier to be pessimistic than optimistic.  I find myself asking, “Why do we even bother having a break from school when all we’re going to be doing is homework?”  However, it’s always important to remember to count your blessings.  It’s important to remember that a) I chose my major, b) I chose my classes, and c) I’m blessed to be at Fontbonne, an institution where I’m not only receiving a great education, but where I’m also really valued as a student, future biologist, and friend.

“You must think I’m incredibly self-absorbed.”

“No.  Just human.”




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