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As you may have read in one of my previous blogs, the Biological Sciences Organization, or BSO, recently sponsored a SAVE DUMBO! campaign. The BSO purchased eco-friendly, made-in-the-US wristbands that proudly exclaimed, “Save Dumbo! Fontbonne Sustainability.”

At least half of the proceeds from the wristband and corresponding bake sale will be donated to a reputable organization located in Africa that strives to save the critically endangered African elephant, which will be extinct in the wild within the next seven years if nothing is done to curb poaching and protect the elephants’ ever-decreasing habitat. The BSO would like to thank everyone who supported this endeavor, and we encourage you to learn more about elephants and other endangered species as well.

If you missed the opportunity to purchase a wristband, you can pick yours up for only $2 in the offices of the Biological and Physical Sciences Department, which are located at the end of the third floor of AB Hall. But hurry, as supplies are limited!


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