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Earth Day

I don’t have pictures from Fontbonne’s Environmental Fair yet, but to tide you over until I do – here’s some from the Forest Park Earth Day Festival I went to on Sunday!!

STL BikeWorks! Where we bought some of the Environmental Club bikes.

Free sample of eco-friendly, toxin-free, nail polish!

You know you want some alpaca socks.

Love me some upcycled art!

Petting a puppy in the Peace Garden!

Electric car display!

Sorting trash/recycling/compost!


Overview of the Fair tents, on the Muny grounds of Forest Park!

I had a great time at the festival this year, and it’s definitely something to check out if you can! But no worries if you missed it, because Forest Park is always beautiful and you can celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY. ūüôā


Picture this. You’re in class in AB Hall, and your professor accidentally teaches for five minutes after the class is supposed to have ended. Your next class in all the way over in the Fine Arts building, and you don’t want to be late. You sprint down the hall and down the stairs. But before you run across that grassy triangular area between AB and the arcade connecting AB and Ryan Hall, guilt seeps in. Do you really want to cut across the grass that the fine people in the Physical Plant take such good care of?

Now, thanks to the work of the Biological Sciences Organization as well as many other Fontbonne student volunteers, you don’t have to worry about that.¬† This past Monday, in honor of Earth Day, the BSO put stepping stones in that triangular grassy area.¬† Working in the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s famous character The Lorax and proudly wearing tshirts boasting, “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongue,” students planted ten trees around campus – most of which are in between AB Hall and Big Bend, and one of which is neatly-situated in the grassy area adjacent to the stepping stones.

So during the next few weeks of school as the road towards summer seems long and treacherous, just be glad that you now at least have a shorter route to your classes.


Last night in orgo lab while vacuum filtering our recrystallized products, I asked Carly if she wanted to play a game.¬† It had been featured on “The Big Bang Theory.”¬† Essentially, one person says the name of an element; for example, let’s say “magnesium.”¬† Then, the next person has to say an element that begins with the last letter of the first element.¬† So going along with the first example, you could say something like “mercury” or “manganese.”¬† The game continues until you run out of elements with the correct letters or¬†until¬†you or your opponent can’t think of an element.¬† Carly and I got into a pretty good competition, and this, along with the fact that we are both going to study our periodic tables before Round 2 during next week’s lab, pretty much proved that I am a nerd.

Even so, I absolutely love being a biology major.¬† We are given so many great opportunities.¬† Last week, you may have seen my blog about the First Annual¬†Intercollegiate Science Poster Day that Fontbonne hosted.¬† The day was great.¬† Students, faculty, and friends came to the third floor of AB Hall to view research posters from four Fontbonne students alongside students from Maryville and Lindenwood.¬† All in all, it was a great experience.¬† I really enjoyed sharing the research that I’ve been doing, and it was great to be able to see what students from other nearby universities are working on.

I’m also very excited about this coming Sunday and Monday.¬† Sunday is Earth Day (although, in my opinion, “Everyday Is Earth Day”).¬† And on Monday, the Biological Sciences Organization (BSO) will be sponsoring a Tree Planting Day on campus.¬† We will be planting four new trees along Big Bend, and we will be putting in a tree and natural-rock stepping stones in the triangular grassy area between AB and the sidewalk connecting to the arcade between Ryan Hall and AB.¬† Please come out and help us anytime between 10:00 and 2:30.¬† There will be free treats and prizes for all who volunteer!

When all of these stories and activities of mine are coupled with the fact that I used to think Shirley Temple was singing “amino acids in my soup” instead of “animal crackers in my soup” (a true story that Dr. Bookstaver found infinitely hilarious), I think it’s safe to say that I’m a nerd.¬† But I’m definitely happy to be one!

Andre, Dillon, Me, and Mike at Science Poster Day

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