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Dress codes

What does it truly mean to dress for success? Now that I am talking an interpersonal communication class I get to explore what this truly means. When it comes to meeting people in regular social interactions to serious job interviews, your clothes are always communicating something. Are you trying to show you are a young professional or and underachiever. In some situations clothing can truly make or break you. The way I feel about dressing for success is that you should always dress like you have something important to do. But then again I could be a little bias because I am so into fashion, hence my major being Fashion  Merchandising. In the end I just want to people to understand that sometimes it does matter what your wearing. So for that important job interview or if you just want to be sharp that day, Dress for Success!


I work at Gordman’s, and the company recently implemented a new dress code. This was announced about a month ago, so everyone else has already been following it. But today was the actual starting day for the new code to be implemented; therefore today I had to start following it with my fellow employees. The new dress code is as follows: solid black shirt, plain blue jeans, and solid black shoes. Boring! Being a fashion enthusiast, clothing is how I express myself. I love to wear crazy patterns and bold colors, which I was previously allowed to do at work. I rarely wear regular blue jeans because I don’t like to wear things that a majority of other people have. I am not fond of conforming. However, I understand why the company would want its associates to look similar and how it may be helpful to shoppers. Accordingly, I will keep my complaining to a minimum, especially since I love the people I work with and have a lot of fun merchandising at Gordman’s (and after all, my job is what is paying my way through college). To spice up this required basic look, I plan on accessorizing like crazy. This way, I am still being somewhat expressive and sticking to my personal style. I’ll just conform in my own unique way. Now you’ve heard my opinion, so how do you feel about dress codes?

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