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Hey everyone!

Happy April!!! This week I’m going to talk to you about my favorite type of music… which I don’t have one.

Okay, byeee. Blog’s over!

Just kidding. But I truly don’t have a favorite type of music, I just love music in general. I love having music playing wherever I go, wherever I am; I just love music and the messages that artists are trying to convey through their art that is music.

But back to the prompt: my favorite musical artist right now might possibly be Drake. I am not just saying this because More Life came out on March 17th, but it definitely adds to my love of Drake music. I never really knew that I liked rap music because sometimes I don’t consider Drake to be rap, sometimes he can have more pop tendencies to his music. But I think that’s why so many people like listening to him. I discovered him much later than some of the true fans (shoutout to them though for their dedication), but I still appreciate his music as well. I may not be a longtime fan, but I still appreciate his music, both old and new, as much as I can; and my appreciation for music is shown with me trying to learn the lyrics as quickly as possible. Hence why I’ve listened to More Life almost on loop since it came out…

Well, if I listed all of my favorite artists, songs, albums, and any other music related things, we would be here for days… but check back in next time to read my next blog!

peace out,



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