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Downtown Maplewood

Are you a coffee lover? If you are, you should join the annual coffee crawl in the St. Louis area.

A coffee crawl means people walk to several coffee shops to try free coffee and donuts and also visit other fantastic shops around the area. Last Saturday,my friend invited me to join the coffee crawl in historic downtown Maplewood.  We tasted many different flavored coffees with mini cake, scone, and donuts to start our Saturday morning.

We tried different roasted coffee samples, which included Kaldi’s, Kuva, Stringbean, and Riley’s coffee.  All of them are very tasty! The purpose of this event is to encourage visitors to tour the shops of Historic Downtown Maplewood while enjoying coffee and all the wonderful items the Maplewood stores have to offer. Even though some stores are not regular coffee stores, such as gift shops, wine factories, art studios, jewelry stores, they did offer free coffee to visitors, so that visitors would be more interested to go inside their store. My friends and I really enjoyed walking to the different stores, including Kakao Chocolate, Schlafly bottleworks, art-house coffees, and Cheryl’s Herbs. I think the city of Maplewood did a good job to promoting their downtown area, because I feel more familiar with Maplewood after attending this event. A Coffee Crawl is a really good way to promote an area.

Even though this event is only for early birds (8am to noon), it’s really worth it to wake up early to walk around the area and enjoy the coffee with sweet treats. It’s a really good event you can do with friends on the weekend. I recommend it.

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