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Good day, gentle reader! I’m afraid I’ve been away from my weekly blogs here for almost an entire semester. I’m sure I left you in a real state – I can just imagine you checking my page week after week, only to be disappointed month after month, wondering desperately about what kinds of adventures I’ve been having since last I wrote.

Unfortunately, if you ask me about my adventures, the stories I’ll tell won’t involve my coloring book hobby (which I’ve since given up), or my biking excursions, or any of the other adventurous things I enjoy (And maybe “adventure” is a strong term for coloring. I don’t know.). I was “off the grid” last semester because…(wait for it)…I was on a long climb to the top of a mountain. A mountain of homework, that is. (I’ll admit, that kind of mountain a little less exciting than Kilimanjaro.)

This semester, though, while not really being any lighter in courses and extracurriculars than last semester, I’m vowing to be more disciplined and keep on chronicling my week-to-week experiences at Fontbonne University. Hopefully, reading about the life of an average computer science/applied math major (the faithful reader will be interested to know I’ve decided to double-major) will help you prospective students out there to get a feel for college and the rigors of academia. (I’ll be honest: I really just threw in the latter because it sounds pretentious.) It’s good to be back. Have a good week, everyone!


I just wanted to start off the new semester by saying hello to any new followers! This is my first blog of the semester and it seems as though it could not have come at a more exciting/anxious time in my college career. This semester I am juggling twenty-hours which include a 300 hour internship. In my little bit of spare time I am playing basketball, golf, and possibly lacrosse. In other news I just took the LSAT last Saturday and am restlessly awaiting the score for that while filling out what seem like endless law school applications. That being said…I couldn’t be doing this all if I wasn’t able to lean on those people at Fontbonne who have guided me thus far and will continue to help until I walk down the graduation aisle in May! Therefore, I just wanted to take this blog to highlight and say thank you to some key people who have helped me have an enjoyable Fontbonne experience that I can use as I move on after graduation. My past and current advisors Rex VanAlmsick, Ben Moore, and Jack Luzcow have helped to guide me through the undergraduate process while the entire time putting my interests first and foremost. With their supportive guidance both in and outside of the classroom I have managed to double major and graduate in three years. While school did come first for me, I full heartedly admit that my experience at Fontbonne would be incomplete without all of my other activity involvement! Therefore, I must also thank past and current coaches and teammates for all the fun and support they have given me. Special thanks to coach Quigley, Greta, and Heather and every single teammate that I have had at Fontbonne. Whoever said that many girls can’t get along definitely didn’t come to Fontbonne! Even the older girls who I played with my freshman year came to support me at my senior night last Tuesday! Fontbonne truly has been the tight knit community that I needed to get me from where I was to where I wanted to go.


Registered for a great semester again, that is!  And if you weren’t tipped off by the oddly-placed quotes in the title,  “OOP”s is a pun:  I’ve signed up for a class on Object-Oriented Programming – OOP.

I humbly admit that a joke’s not funny if it needs a detailed explanation to accompany it.  Maybe I should spare you all the pain of reading my nerdy humor and get the the meat of the blog.

I’ve designed next semester to be pivotal in making my decision of what to major in by signing up for classes that will allow me to cut to the hearts of the subjects I’m interested in pursuing in school and in my future.  I’ll be taking OOP to get closer to the crux of “real” computer science and give me a feel for what programming really is.

Now, I haven’t confessed this on my blog before, but today, I’ll drop the bomb:  for the past two years, as I’ve been trying to synthesize my many interests into a career I won’t hate, there’s been a part of me insisting, “I think it’d be great to be a social studies teacher!”  This semester, I’ve decided to test that theory out.  I’m taking a class that will put me inside the classroom at area schools where I can observe teachers and learn the ups and the downs of teaching social studies.

I think both OOP and EDU 201 will help me clarify what I like, what I don’t like, and what I want to do when I “grow up.”  Last weekend, I spent five hours creating a plan that lets me double major in computer science and history and still graduate in three years.  Before I execute this plan, though, I need to know if these are the subjects I’d really like to pursue.

I don’t know how this experiment will end, and things might not turn out the way I’m expecting them to.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll learn that I don’t want to do either one of these careers, or even, as Britney would say, that my current yearnings to teach history “might seem like a crush/ but it doesn’t mean that I’m serious.”  (Sorry – I couldn’t resist.)  I guess I’ll find out next semester!


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