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Alumni Posts

Staying Organized

by Alumni Posts on October 1, 2014

in College Life

If you’re anything like me, you start the semester with the best of intentions.  You vow to stay perfectly organized and file everything in its appropriate place before you go to sleep at night… and then September rolls around, and you’re back to your unorganized, I’ll-deal-with-it-later habits.

If you know anything about Pinterest, it’s a wonderfully addictive tool that you can use to find lots of fun DIYs for college and for other projects.  It uses boards to organize pins (think: links to website articles or images that that interest you) and lets you go back to those pins at any time via your Pinterest profile.  Just sign up for an account and search different DIYs, or utilize their huge number of Pinterest board categories to search a broad amount of topics.

A big thing on Pinterest is their DIYs on organization.  I searched far and wide on Pinterest’s DIY boards (so you could save your precious study time!) and found the best, most convenient organization-DIYs for college students.  Smartphone apps are another great way to stay organized, so I included one app to very useful links for college students.  I often use my phone’s calendar for study prompts and reminders.  I also use AnyList (one of the apps listed in the 3rd link below) to make To-do lists, grocery lists, and any other important reminders.

Stay organized this semester and enjoy the following links!


How to Stay Organized as a Busy College Student

Frugal Friday- Organization DIYs

18 Apps Every Student Should Download Right Now


Alumni Posts

Dorm Life

by Alumni Posts on March 6, 2012

in Campus Community

The dorms at Fontbonne are awesome. I have been on several college visits and to be honest, even our freshman dorms are nicer than some upperclassmen dorms at schools back home in New York.


I have always been a big fan of smaller schools, and this was one of the major factors in choosing Fontbonne as the University I would attend after graduation from St. Elizabeth Academy High School. I have three older siblings, two of which went to universities in different parts of Missouri, and although that is not too big of a move it was still hard for me to never get to see them. This was a big hint to me that I did not want to leave St. Louis for college, but I did want to live in the dorms. I visited the numerous colleges and universities in and around the St. Louis region, and realized that Fontbonne was the fit for me.

The small, close-knit community is so welcoming and great to be a part of! I was nervous to be living on campus and away from my family for the first time, but that soon vanished once orientation kicked off! There was a group of upperclassmen, known as FOCUS, along with the other college rookies who were either just as nervous or even more than I was, who made the first weekend in college one of the most memorable! Everyone was so eager and willing to get to know each other while away on orientation, that it made making friends super easy!

Almost everyone in the dorms leave their doors open and do not mind it all if you just pop your head in to say hi or mention you like the picture frames on their wall. Fontbonne easily became my home away from home, and quick. I had no problem making friends, and did not feel scared or nervous about college anymore. All the girls on our floor get along great and make it very comfortable for you to be yourself.

All-in-all I love Fontbonne so far! I do believe attending this small but mighty university was one of the best decisions of my life! I enjoy my home away from home, and love everyone who is part of my new Fontbonne family!


So what’s college without the social life?

Don’t worry — we’ve got one. The nice thing about Fontbonne is that it’s pretty easy to find what you want to do. If you want to go to some party, there is one available. If you want to stick close to the dorms and enjoy some peace and quiet, you can do that too. And the kicker is that no matter what is going on, the dorms are nice and quiet, so if you want to just sleep in and have a quiet evening, you can do that too.

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