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Dorm Life

Living on campus has been a whole new and great experience for me. I have enjoy living on campus and I can’t believe we all have to leave our dorms and rommies soon. In this post I will share about some members of the 4th floor of Saint Joseph Hall, where I live. This is a tribute of “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton, which is a photoblog of people that live in New York City. I really enjoy having this short interesting conversations with each one of them, hope you enjoy their different thoughts too.


“I am studying Anatomy right now. The best way to learn is through visual for me, so I write down all the information, charts, and some vocabulary words. This helps me lot to remember.”


“I like living on campus because of all friendships you can form with the people of your floor, also it was a great experience sharing the room with my cousin!”


“I like Fontbonne because everyone is friendly and easy to get along with.”


“I am a big fan of the Cardinals because they represent Saint Louis and I think they are part of the culture of this city. I love baseball! Since senior year of high school I became a huge fan. I love going to the games, and have good memories about it, I always try to go to the majority of their games during season.”


“This semester was fun, stressful, and I got closer with so many people.”


“In the moment I came to the US, I realized that I need to start all over again, and I think I did great. I already can say that I have met here friends who will stay in my life forever. I have lived on the dorms just for four months, but I already have memories with people that I will remember for a long time.”


“I love Basketball because I grew up playing it. Also, it is a sport that bonds myself and my family.”


“I enjoy watching Downtown Abby because it is in a different time period. You kind of connect with each one of the characters because of their stories. The most interesting for me is what the servants had to go through at that time. I could say Downtown Abby is a funny, dramatic, and fancy show.”


“I really like Fontbonne because of all friends I have made.”


“I like Saint Louis because there are more things to do than where I used to live. My favorites places to go are the Zoo and Art Museum at Forest Park.”


“I love interacting with the residents and building a community. The friends made during the first year of college are friends a person will have the rest of their life. I am glad I get to be a part of that.”

Cassie and Hannah

“We have had the best time sharing a room together, we have a lot of fun having roommate nights and we are also best friends.”


“My favorite place on campus would have to be the AMC. It is the perfect study spot and also great place to hang out with friends.”











The smell of freshly cut grass and the sight of newly bloomed tulips is not the only thing people are ready for in spring.  But also spring cleaning!  College students can take advantage of spring cleaning by just doing these 3 tips and will make the last part of the semester easier!

  1. Rearrange your dorm room, bedroom, or apartment! Getting rid of unnecessary clutter and just changing a couple pieces of furniture around can really change the atmosphere and make the room look cleaner.
  2. Look through old notes/papers.  It is always a good idea to keep notes and assignments from past classes.  However, they can become a big, messy pile in the bottom of your closet.  Instead, organize or get rid of the papers you don’t need then, store the rest in a file cabinet or plastic bin.
  3. Go through your clothes.  It is time to bring out the summer clothes and start putting away the heavy coats.  With that being said, this is a great time to look through your clothes and get rid of items you do not wear anymore and donate them!


I will be a resident for the third year in a row at Fontbonne beginning in the fall. I absolutely love living on campus! Its extremely convenient and I definitely recommend living on campus at least your first year at Fontbonne! However, living on campus your first year is not a requirement.

With my experience living on campus, I’ve came up with a list of five items that I feel are dorm must haves. So if you do decide to live on campus, keep this list in mind when packing! It can come in real handy when you’re trying to figure what you need and don’t need to bring!

  1. Command Strips – If you plan on hanging anything on your walls, this is what you’ll use. I recommend getting quite a few of them!
  2. Small First Aid Kit – This is a must! Since we don’t have a health clinic on campus, you are responsible for having the basic first aid items like: band-aids, aspirin, and any other things you might need.
  3. Laundry Basket of some sort – Something with handles is great! The trek to the laundry room can be a long one, so having a durable basket that can be easily carried will be a big help.
  4. Lamp – Sometimes dorm rooms don’t have the best lighting, so a simple lamp can really brighten your room! Some lamps even come with little storage compartments for your pens and pencils.
  5. A Power Strip – With all the things you’ll likely need electricity for, you’ll soon find yourself running out of outlets. A power strip can add some extra plug-ins while also maintaining safety.

I hope you can find some of these tips to be of some assistance! Comment below if you have any other dorm room items that you feel are necessities! I would love to hear them!


One of my favorite things about moving into a dorm at the beginning of the school year is the fact that I get a new space to decorate! It’s something I can make my own! I love to take a bland and boring dorm room with white walls and white floors and turn it into my own personal home away from home.

Most of my ideas come from Pinterest which is such a great website to get inspiration from. (If I could be a professional pinner I would!) One thing that I learned from Pinterest and chose to incorporate into my dorm room this year was a dream catcher. I simply love the idea of it and thought what would be better than making one of my own? All I used was an embroidery hoop, a lace doily, feathers, beads and some string. (All materials can be found at Michaels Craft Stores.) The dream catcher was so easy to make and adds a pop of color against the white walls of my dorm!


Some dorm decorating ideas however, just pop in my head! For example, before I moved into my dorm freshman year, I created a collage of pictures on a poster board that I could hang in my room. I printed pictures of my friends and family and some of my favorite quotes and glued them on a poster board. I hot glued ribbon on the back of the board so I could hang it on a command hook attached to the wall. It fills up a good amount of space and you can carry it with you from year to year! 


I hope I have inspired you to make your dorm room as cozy and comfy as I have made mine!



College “Needs”

by Alumni Posts November 14, 2013

As a high school student, I began preparing for my move to college very early. Like, a-year-in-advance-making-grocery-lists kind of early.  Now that I’ve been at school for a few years, I have determined which of my possessions are most vital to my existence as a college student.  If you are reading this post, and you […]

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It’s About All I Can Take

by Alumni Posts October 15, 2012

Guess what! We have officially made it through half of the semester. I know I’m constantly counting the days until Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer break (I would include fall break too, but that’s a joke), but I really do love school. I just hate the stress that comes along with it. Oh, and living […]

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by Alumni Posts September 20, 2012

Hello Everyone, Well the FLU is about, so watch out! I have, unfortunately, caught the bug and it is one of those colds that stuff up your nose so much you can’t breathe! People usually lay in bed, drink lots of orange juice, and sleep it off. I did no such thing. I had my […]

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Every Time We Meet

by Alumni Posts October 28, 2011

I remember, way back during last semester, when it came time for my roommate and I to decide what our housing situation would be for the fall semester. We unfortunately did not get a room on the much-coveted third floor of Medaille, but instead had to settle for whatever was left of the picked-over rooms […]

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