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Divergence Trilogy

Hello Everyone,

Long time no blog! Well for those you new to the scene, let me introduce myself. I am Jeanne Eveld. I am a sophomore seeking a career in Special Education. I picked Fontbonne for its small, but close-knit community. I did not find it hard to get involved and make new friends at Fontbonne! Plus, they have a GREAT education program! If it doesn’t already show, I love kids and look forward to showing them all the knowledge out there that they can learn.

I am also an avid reader, and reading is a deep passion of mine that I take part in frequently (almost too frequently!). I am currently reading the Divergent Trilogy even though only two are out and the third won’t be out until 2013!! It is a pretty intricate futuristic novel about the world’s population broken up into 5 factions, each focused on one quality, like bravery or selflessness. It focuses on the journey of one girl who tries to find which faction she truly belongs in when it seems like she fits into more than one and that is an unusual quality in this book’s world. Well that was my book plug!

I like anything involving the outdoors, such as hiking, knitting (I’m not good though), and watching a plethora of movies (Princess Bride wins as the BEST!). That is me, so come back and read some more. I write weekly, and I try to keep it informational in one form or another. So, enough about me, what about you?



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