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Dance Competitions

Today I was able to incorporate the two things I enjoy most in my life: dance and fashion. As a fashion merchandising student in HES205: Apparel, Production, and Evaluation, I got the opportunity go to Weissman. Weissman is a dance costume and dancewear company with headquarters located right here in St. Louis. My class used today to visit Weissman, and offer a real-life application to what we have been learning in class. I have worn Weissman costumes in the past, and own a few pieces from their dancewear brand Balera.

I have been dancing since I was five years old, and continue to dance today on the Griffin Girls dance team. I am used to dancing year round, and absolutely love it. I was initially so excited to visit the company, but did not know exactly what to expect.

My excitement for Weissman’s only grew upon visiting the company. I cannot express how I felt. It was a perfect combination of what I love most, and really got me thinking that this is something I could do with my degree. I have often thought of how sad I will be when I do decide to stop dancing, but working with a dance costume and dancewear company like Weissman would fill that void in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about their inventory and design departments, and touring the headquarters. I was able to see meeting rooms, photoshoot locations, the warehouse where they sew and cut garments, and the place where they evaluate finished sample garments. All the colors, sequins, and textures kept my eyes busy the entire time. I was really interested in learning that not only does Weissman go to competitions to gain inspiration, but also to trade shows. A dance costume/dancewear company combines everything I love about fashion and everything I love about dance!

This visit really got me thinking that I might try to intern at Weissman in the future. They have marketing, merchandising, and product development internships available. If I could live my life with both dance and fashion I would be so incredibly happy. I think that this is definitely an area I understand and have experience in. I left the visit so elated, but only time will tell if this is really for me. If not, today was still an experience I will cherish.

Until next week..

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