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“Cycle Menu”

Guess what! We have officially made it through half of the semester. I know I’m constantly counting the days until Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer break (I would include fall break too, but that’s a joke), but I really do love school. I just hate the stress that comes along with it. Oh, and living in a dorm. I hate living in a dorm and desperately want an apartment next year (heck, why wait? Why not next semester?)
Anyway, tons of stuff happened this week, and I learned a few very important hot tips that I’d like to pass along to you:

#1: Assignment guidelines for projects are often misleading. They make you think that what you’re doing is NBD, and that you have tons of time to do it. WRONG! As soon as you get those assignment guidelines, hightail it to the library or wherever and get to work. Otherwise you’ll be like a majority of my classmates in my Quantity Foods course (myself included!) freaking out Wednesday night before turning in our massive Cycle Menu project the next day. Spending all of that time in the Kinkel Center together was quite the bonding experience.

#2: Never start studying the night before an exam. I like to say that I was conducting an experiment in which I was testing the hypothesis that studying the night before an exam will produce a lower exam score, but honestly, I put off studying because I was just plain stupid. Oh, and because of hot tip #1. The assignment guidelines for my Cycle Menu project duped me into thinking it wouldn’t be so bad (when it was), and so I spent more time on that project this week than studying for Plant Biology.

In other news, today I got my ID badge for the Botanical Gardens! Look at my face! Don’t I look so serious and professional and official? I think so!

Most enthusiastic intern EVER.

Have a great week everyone. And whatever you do, don’t procrastinate!


“Yet Again” by: Grizzly Bear


One thing that’s great about getting into the junior and senior years of college is the fact that most of your classes relate to your major. As I said before, my major is dietetics, and this semester I’m taking: Community/Public Health Nutrition (School-Aged Child through Adulthood); Application of Nutrition Concepts; Quantity Food Service, Purchasing, & Operations; and Food Pathways of Diverse Groups. Needless to say, I’m knee-deep in nutrition!

I really do enjoy these classes, though, and not just because healthy eating is a passion of mine – I really feel like they are preparing me for my career. “Busywork”, or assignments that don’t really seem to have a point except to use up time, is a pet-peeve of mine, and I hate feeling like I’m wasting my effort. But for the most part, I feel like the assignments I’m getting in these classes are things that a real-world dietitian would be doing. An example: in my Quantity Foods class, one project we have is to prepare a “Cycle Menu”, or week’s worth of meals, for a certain group. I chose elementary students. But the assignment is more than just dishing out random foods to make a menu – we have to research nutritional needs, have a meal pattern, analyze our foods to make sure they are adequately nutritious – it’s like I’m working for a school district!

And I have the same types of projects in my other classes. It can certainly be time-consuming, but I enjoy the work and feel like it’s worthwhile. Because that’s the best thing college classes can do for you – prepare you for the future you want!


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