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Cultural Events

Have you eaten sushi in a Japanese restaurant before?

This semester, I’m so lucky I made some friends from Japan. Therefore, we decided to have a sushi party to make sushi together at Fontbonne University.

Before making the sushi together, Ian and I took the Japanese students to the Asian street on Olive Blvd to buy some ingredients to make California rolls and some traditional Japanese style rolls, like salmon and tuna. We bought sushi rice, seaweed, eggs, salmon, tuna, avocado, ginger, soy sauce, and sushi vinegar. They were so happy to go to the Asian supermarkets on Olive, because it was their first time to see some Asian foods and words they are familiar with in St.Louis. We had a good time  shopping in the grocery store.

After shopping, we separated into three teams to make different ingredients. Some people made the rice, some people dealt with seafood, and other people cooked some dumplings to let us eat some foods first.

I really like each team, all of them are excellent.

After 30 minutes, we made 19 rolls. Can you believe? 19 sushi rolls just for 7 people? And we really finished all of them in this sushi party. It was too delicious, and we  continued eating even though we felt so full. It was just like we were in an ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi bar.

After this party, I really think it’s important to gather people to make one thing together. Without them, we couldn’t finish 19 rolls in a few minutes. Because of them, the sushi party worked more efficiently, it was more interesting and it had some more traditional style. You know, when you make sushi and hear people talk to each other in Japanese, it’s just like I’m in Japan 🙂

I really loved this sushi party!


Crunch Time

I know we’ve all felt like the we were are being crunched under time’s remarkably clever clock. This week has been crazy hectic for me. Maybe it has been all the trick or treat candy that my kiddos collected on Monday that I have ingested or maybe it is my inability to focus or a combo of the two.

It is times like this that I sit at my computer and read , re-read and then re-read again powerpoint directions for my classes and the assignments for them. I know that by taking notes on what I can gather right at this moment it has the potential of making sense in the morning. I also know that through the blessing of e-mail I can clarify the things that aren’t making sense tonight to me with my professor. Thank God because it is crunch time with a big assignment that I thought I had control of and now realize I have more questions than answers.

Also, I hear the clock ticking for me to get my papers for the cultural events I’ve attended this fall done and submitted for the Honor Society. I have had the pleasure of going to the Westport Art Festival with my son earlier this fall. The second event was hearing, Nancy Alcorn, speak about Mercy Ministries. If you have never heard of Mercy Ministries it is worth checking out. They have a remarkable program that transforms young womens lives. Now, I hear that darn clock ticking again because I need to travel your way and attend a cultural program at Fontbonne. If anyone has any good suggestions let me know. By the way if you see a dazed and confused red head on campus this month you know it’s me. Have some mercy on me and help me to find where the event is.

As, I close for the week I want to remind you all to sit your clocks back on Saturday night and enjoy that extra hour of sleep on Sunday. It will soon be back to the daily grind and weekly crunch times we all will face.

Blessings on your weekend- Sherry


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