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Since the beginning of November, my life has pretty much been consumed by the world of Mary Poppins. The Fort Zumwalt East (FZE) theater department is producing this show, and the performances are next week! My main role is to produce all of the costumes, hair, and makeup. Which is a LOT! We have over 120 costumes for this show, because there are so many large dance numbers. Plus, all of the main characters change throughout the show. I have been working on this nearly every single day for the last few months. I have accomplished so much, but am still working on getting the finishing touches together this week. I’m sure I will also be doing last minute alterations next week as well.

Up until this point, the cast and crew have rehearsed each individual scene, but have not pieced the whole thing together. So that is what everyone is working on this week! As I see costumes on the stage from an audience’s perspective, I find different issues here and there that need to be addressed. The next couple weeks are going to be extremely tiring, as we are at the school from 7 am to about 11 pm every day. Plus, weekend rehearsals. But, the students are doing some amazing work, so I know that all the long hours will definitely be worth it! As Mary Poppins says, “anything can happen if you let it.”

Doing fittings for Bert and Mary! Doing fittings for Bert and Mary!





by Patricia on November 21, 2016

in Extracurricular

I’m a bit late for this post, but on Halloween I did all sorts of things. My costume was of Elsa from the movie Frozen. I told everyone that I would be a creepy clown, and people took me seriously. I even had a neighbor show up to my door and give me a really gruesome clown mask. My mom answered the door and freaked out! But I never intended to go as a clown. I knew I wanted to be a Disney Princess and there were some cheap costumes on amazon under  $10.

Anyway, on Halloween night I went trick or treating with my 7 year old neighbor. Then I went to a Halloween party at my parents’ work. Then I came home and watched Mike Myers, staring Jamie Lee Curtis. I ate candy and orange serbet.


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