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Cooking Basics

This dedicated semester is Foodology, therefore Fontbonne opened some special classes about Food.

I signed up for a cooking class to learn the common food ingredients in America. This cooking class is taught by Dr. Houston, a director in the dietetics program. She taught us many useful skills in the kitchen. Actually, I’m good at cooking Asian food, but not very familiar with American food or cooking terminology in English. So, I really like this class because I’ve learned a lot.

This class included different kinds of food, such as butternut-quinoa soup, eggplant pasta, spring rolls, and tamale pie. It was so much fun to cook together with my American classmates. Last week, we had a Bok Choy salad. It surprised me because I never used Bok Choy to make salad. In our culture, we sauté Bok Choy with meat or put it in soup. Moreover, the size of Bok Choy in America is twice as big as the one we had in Taiwan.

After we did the Bok Choy salad, I felt the flavor was so yummy. Maybe I will try to put other Asian vegetables into salad instead of cooking it next time. Putting Bok Choy in salad is healthier and still delicious.


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