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brotherly, sisterly honor

by Alumni Posts on April 24, 2012

in Faith

The blessing of confirmation is a special time in the Catholic faith. My little brother and sister got confirmed Sunday and asked my older and Danielle and me to be their sponsors. I can’t describe the feeling it was being asked to do something like this. It was a true blessing. We had a lot of meetings and practices for this event. The best thing that came out of it was that it strengthened the loved of us siblings. What we did together as a family was something really special to me and, of course, everyone else as well. We all came together and the whole event was a success, including the after celebration my parents had at their home. After it was all done, I had a conversation with my older sister about how it was such an honor doing this for our younger siblings. If you have the chance and the honor to do something like this, my best recommendation would to do so. There is a lot of work and thought put into it, but the end result of something indescribable.


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