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Why Compost?

by Alumni Posts on November 26, 2013

in Our Causes

Compost is the product that results after the decomposition of organic waste (certain food waste). This product can be used to make nutrient rich soil for plants to grow. There are two reasons why we should compost:

1. To avoid dumping tons of food in landfills. Americans waste 29 million tons of food every day.

2. To reuse food waste in order to make nutrient rich soil for plants to grow.

First graders at Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center and Fontbonne University’s Dietetic Students are among some of the few in this area that compost their food waste.

Here is what you need to know about compost:

1. Compost reduces waste and improves soil.
2. You need nitrogen and carbon for your compost to work. Nitrogen rich materials are known as the “brown stuff” (i.e. grass clippings). Carbon rich materials are your green stuff (i.e. left over foods). You need a correct balance of the two in order for compost to work. Usually it is a ratio of 25:1 (Carbon: Nitrogen).
3. Do not compost dairy products, meats, fish, or any other animal product/waste. The smell can attract rodents and insects.
4. Do not compost insect infested plants or herbs.
5. Compost egg shells, anything made out of flour like breads and pasta), nuts, apple core, leftover fruits and vegetables.
6. Do not compost sauces, gravy, or dressings.


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