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Changing courses

by Alumni Posts on November 11, 2011

in Academics

Part of me feels like this semester just began, but then there is a (big) part of me that thinks it has been dragging on and I just want it to end! I can see the finish line, and I feel so close. I just picked out my classes for next semester, and met with my advisor on Monday…now I just have to wait til my time slot next week to register! I am so excited, I think I will like my classes next semester. Don’t get me wrong, I do like (most of) my classes this semester, but after awhile I just get worn down from them and want some change.

My favorite class this semester was Dr. Moore’s Honors Comp 1. He always had us sit in a U around his chair and we would discuss the reading from the night before, and his papers are very flexible and you can be really creative with them. It’s a lot of fun because I have really gotten to know the other 9 students in the class 1) through class discussions and 2) through reading their papers. It is a really laid-back, fun class to be in.

The class this semester that I have had to work the hardest in is¬†positively¬†Discrete Mathematics. It’s completely different from any other math I have ever taken. Hardly any numbers in it. It is basically all proofs and symbols. It’s been tough for me, but I am trying my best and have to take it if I ever want to become a high school math teacher.

I also have really liked my Psych of the Exceptional Child class a lot more than I thought I would. All the information is very interesting and I think will be very valuable in my future as an educator.

Next semester I will be taking: Honors Comp 2, Art Appreciation, Statistics, Calculus 1, and Developmental Psych. –> I am looking forward to each one for a different reason and hope my second semester of college goes as well as the first (but hopefully even better!)


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