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Life of a Commuter

by Courtney on November 21, 2016

in College Life

When transferring to Fontbonne last semester, I wasn’t sure how I would like driving to campus everyday.  At my past college I lived in a dorm and was right on campus so it was easy to go to class or stay at the library until late.  However, being a commuter at Fontbonne is great!  Here is a list of advice if you are thinking of being a commuter student.

  1. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to school traffic is different every day!
  2. Be prepared to be on campus all day.  My classes are scattered throughout the day so I stay on campus and get a lot of homework done
  3. Pack a lunch! If you are there all day bring some snacks to keep up your energy and curb your hunger.
  4. Living off campus allows you to escape the stress at the end of the day.
  5. Become involved! With living off campus it may be harder to meet people so join some clubs and hangout with people in the club to stay connected!


After a long day of physics, biochemistry, and molecular techniques lab, one of my favorite things to do is return home to my best friend, Cocoa Dixie, to take her for a walk. Being a commuter allows me to do that.

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This past week was crazy. Without sounding all “whine-y and complain-y” (as my friend and fellow blogger, Carly, would say), I had a pretty rough week.  I had a physics test on Wednesday, an advanced statistics test on Thursday, and a biotech quiz on Friday.  Like I said, it was rough.

But you know what got me through it all?  Lots of highly-caffeinated tea and, of course, my friends.  My friends and I are so close that I consider us to be a big family.   And because we’re like a family, we do tend to annoy each other at times.   But I know that I can always count on them to explain a confusing concept in a well thought-through analogy or get out of bed at 7am when they don’t have class until 10 in order to help me study for my third major test of the week.  I, of course, would do the same for them.

One thing that really bothers me is the fact that people think that I don’t have the real “college experience” since I’m a commuter student.  Yes, I don’t live on campus, but I still have a bunch of friends who are like me in so many ways and who are willing to help me out in school and in everyday life.  I’m so happy that I found a school that allows me to still live at home with my “real” family and commute to a place where I can spend time with and enjoy the (usually) pleasant company of my “extended” family. 

Lucy and Ethel really make my point about the relationship that my friends and I often share.  Check out their friendship song:



People always seem to think that commuter students don’t have the so-called “college experience.” Many people, even those I’ve personally encountered, don’t think that commuters get involved. Many believe that commuters literally get to school five minutes before their classes start, go to class, and then bolt out the door as soon as class is over.  However, at least at Fontbonne, those people couldn’t be more wrong.

I’m happy to say that I am a commuter and that I feel like I’m having a great college experience.  To begin with, Fontbonne makes it easy for commuters to get involved through various clubs and organizations.  In fact, there’s even an organization solely for commuter students.  It’s called CAB – the Commuter Advisory Board – and it is sort of a forum for commuter students that allows them to socialize with other students and voice their opinions and concerns about commuting-related issues.  This is actually the second year that I’ve served the Vice President of Programming for CAB, and I think that CAB has come really far since my freshman year.  Last Christmas, a group of students completely repainted and revamped the Griffin’s Nest commuter lounge on the fourth floor of Medaille, and we’ve hosted better Commuter Weeks and other commuter-based events.

Next week, CAB will be sponsoring a Commuter Appreciation Day on Tuesday starting at noon.  It will be an ice-cream-social-and-Wii-game event held in the Griffin’s Nest, and it will be a perfect time for commuters to get to know each other better. 

So if you’re a current Fontbonne commuter who wants to get involved, or if you’re a student thinking about coming to Fontbonne as a commuter, I encourage you to look into joining CAB and other organizations on campus.  You don’t necessarily have to be a resident student to have a fulfilling college experience.  As we say in CAB, “Don’t just commute – be CABulous.”


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