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Community of Caring

Well, before I begin my statement, I think it is best to give y’all a little rundown of the Fontbonne Mission.

Fontbonne was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, a group of Catholic nuns that had immigrated to St. Louis from France. They sought to teach their students the common good and inspire them to become people who think critically, ethically, and behave responsibly.

What does this mean to me as a student? Well, I am glad that I am in a place where the first priority is morality. We live in a very odd world, where people are constantly fighting because of ignorance and intolerance. I was raised in a mixed community, meaning I was exposed to other races and cultures from a very young age. I cannot imagine a world where there is only one race and one religion. It would make me feel very uncomfortable.

Everyone deserves respect, no matter their skin color or cultural background. Here, at Fontbonne, you can find that respect and feel special.


Students writing for Real Life at Fontbonne are paid a small fee for each post by the university.