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My Passions

by Candance on March 13, 2017

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What am I most passionate about? Wow! Great question.

I would say I’m very passionate about helping others in whatever facet I can. This can be working as a job coach within the Deaf community and seeing them succeed on their jobs and keep their jobs. Advocating for the Deaf when it comes to communication with them and/or providing accommodations for them. Helping to create and setup events and watching others partake of the things happening at the event. I love encouraging and giving to others whether it’s my time, money, or an encouraging word.

These are things I’m passionate about!

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Alumni Posts

The Life Of A Comm Kid….

by Alumni Posts on November 10, 2014

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Throughout my years at Fontbonne, I’ve been asked why I chose to become a communication major. Well, there are several reasons (the main one being my gift of gab) and also, I would LOVE to become a crime reporter one day. Outside of my love of language and my career goals, I wanted to share five reasons I decided to become a communications major.

1. The family-like enviornment

The first thing I like about being a communication major is that it’s like one big happy family. I have connected with every faculty member in our department; in a way, I look at the staff in the communications department as extended family. All of the staff has looked out for me in more than one way, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

2. The Classes are fun

As a communications major, the classes can be really fun. They can be challenging and at times very difficult, but you never have a dull moment… trust me 🙂

3. Comm majors are hilarious

We’re pretty funny….. (or at least I think so)….. but I’m biased, so don’t mind me.

4. Useful Information

There are things while studying as a communications major (as with every major) that you will never forget. For example, the basic communication model is the one thing I will never forget I can draw that thing with my eyes closed…. Wait, (is that weird?).

5. We’re awesome

Pretty much!


Fontbonne University

Speech Therapy Observation

by Fontbonne University on March 24, 2014

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This week I had the opportunity to meet with a private practitioner speech therapist. She talked with me about all the different places she has worked as a speech-language pathologist, and even let me observe a therapy session! I was super stoked because this was the first time I got to watch a therapy session up close rather than through a computer screen like they make us do at Fontbonne. I realized that I have definitely learned a lot about speech and language in my two semesters at Fontbonne. I picked up on voice and language errors and was confident in using speech therapy jargon with the therapist.

I definitely feel more confident in my choice of major now, and the experience has helped me reflect again on why I want to be a speech-language pathologist. I believe communication is very important — after all, how can society succeed without communication? How can people fall in love if they never speak with one another? How do friendships form without talking about experiences, likes, dislikes, etc?

Not to mention that studying how the voice works is amazing! It’s crazy how intricate the voice is, and there is a lot more science to it than one would think. I think my background in singing makes me particularly interested in studying the voice. So if any of you out there love to sing and think that the only way you can turn that into a career is by being a popstar…think again! You can be a speech therapist and incorporate singing into your therapy! It definitely helps some people and can be a lot of fun 🙂

Whatever major you are going into, be sure you look into what career that could lead you to. And always be sure you have good reason for why you want that to be your career. College can be kind of scary because you have sooo many decisions to make, but it can also be exciting for that very same reason!

Until next time,

Joanna 🙂


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