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Communication majors

Throughout my years at Fontbonne, I’ve been asked why I chose to become a communication major. Well, there are several reasons (the main one being my gift of gab) and also, I would LOVE to become a crime reporter one day. Outside of my love of language and my career goals, I wanted to share five reasons I decided to become a communications major.

1. The family-like enviornment

The first thing I like about being a communication major is that it’s like one big happy family. I have connected with every faculty member in our department; in a way, I look at the staff in the communications department as extended family. All of the staff has looked out for me in more than one way, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

2. The Classes are fun

As a communications major, the classes can be really fun. They can be challenging and at times very difficult, but you never have a dull moment… trust me 🙂

3. Comm majors are hilarious

We’re pretty funny….. (or at least I think so)….. but I’m biased, so don’t mind me.

4. Useful Information

There are things while studying as a communications major (as with every major) that you will never forget. For example, the basic communication model is the one thing I will never forget I can draw that thing with my eyes closed…. Wait, (is that weird?).

5. We’re awesome

Pretty much!


Hey Fontys! I’m back! I know when you’re at a family function or talking to a staff member on campus, you probably have been asked, “What are you going to do after college?” And if you’re like me, you’ve had your life planned out since you were five. If not (and you’re lucky that you’re not), you probably don’t even know what you’re going to wear to class tomorrow. This post is about showcasing our future plans after Fontbonne. So, here are mine… After I get my degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Sociology, I plan on apply to University of Missouri-St. Louis in Criminology to begin my career as a crime reporter for the city of St. Louis. After I’m settled in my career as a reporter, I plan to start an organization for homeless citizens where they will be able to move into an apartment below the org office and get help with things they struggle with, such as addiction, completing their education, budgeting, and housing placement after they complete the program. I also plan to write a novel series for teenagers. In between that, (I know… there’s more… ), I wanna get married, have kids, and build my own home. My degree from Fontbonne will not only give me great academic tools to start my career, but I can also use Fontbonne’s rich history of service to inspire me to continuously give back.


Hello world!!!

First and foremost I’d like to say that I am a full time wife (8 months)…a full time mother (7 months) a full time career woman, and a full time student since August. This leads me to my next point—-I AM FULL TIME EXHAUSTED. 🙂 I started my Communications endeavors straight out of high school in 2004 at SEMO University. Through life’s trials and bumps in the road I am finally at this wonderful institution with just a little over a year left.

I am looking forward to walking across the stage ,preferably with honors, among my family and friends. I have been in St. Louis my entire life, so hopefully once I graduate I can find a great job and relocate to see something new. I look forward to walking this path here at Fontbonne.



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