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Staying Organized

by Alumni Posts on October 1, 2014

in College Life

If you’re anything like me, you start the semester with the best of intentions.  You vow to stay perfectly organized and file everything in its appropriate place before you go to sleep at night… and then September rolls around, and you’re back to your unorganized, I’ll-deal-with-it-later habits.

If you know anything about Pinterest, it’s a wonderfully addictive tool that you can use to find lots of fun DIYs for college and for other projects.  It uses boards to organize pins (think: links to website articles or images that that interest you) and lets you go back to those pins at any time via your Pinterest profile.  Just sign up for an account and search different DIYs, or utilize their huge number of Pinterest board categories to search a broad amount of topics.

A big thing on Pinterest is their DIYs on organization.  I searched far and wide on Pinterest’s DIY boards (so you could save your precious study time!) and found the best, most convenient organization-DIYs for college students.  Smartphone apps are another great way to stay organized, so I included one app to very useful links for college students.  I often use my phone’s calendar for study prompts and reminders.  I also use AnyList (one of the apps listed in the 3rd link below) to make To-do lists, grocery lists, and any other important reminders.

Stay organized this semester and enjoy the following links!


How to Stay Organized as a Busy College Student

Frugal Friday- Organization DIYs

18 Apps Every Student Should Download Right Now


It’s that time of year again: spirit week! The Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB) is traditionally the host of fall spirit week, and this year’s theme is “Helium Havoc.” So take flight and get ready to be blown away by all the exciting events we have planned!
• Monday September 15, 7-10 p.m.: Request your favorite songs at Dueling Pianos
• Tuesday September 16, 7:15 p.m.: Show your STL pride at the Cardinals game (purchase tickets for only $15 in the business office)
• Wednesday September 17, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Take home a souvenir from the balloon artist
• Wednesday September 17, 8:45 p.m.: Ride the bus from Fontbonne to Wild Country and dance the night away (sign up on FAB’s Facebook)
• Thursday September 18, 7 p.m.: Glow with your team of 8 in the Neon Volleyball tournament (sign up on FAB’s Facebook)
• Friday September 19, 7-9 p.m.: Support Griffin Nation at the Fontbonne booth at the Forest Park balloon glow
• Friday September 19, 10 p.m.: Wind down the night by watching Disney/Pixar’s Up in the Golden Meadow
• Saturday September 20, 12-6 p.m.: Watch the annual Balloon Race in Forest Park


I am mentally stuck between my own personal goals and my family’s goals. To be more specific, I meant I don’t know how to solve my problem between going to school and planning to become an art teacher or taking over my mom’s nail salon.

For the past five years, I’ve been helping my mom at the nail salon. I’m usually there on weekends, then I work almost the whole summer everyday. No, I don’t get paid because the money goes towards our bills and such. And mom pays for everything for me, so I’m not complaining. I do save a little bit from tips (during the good season). However, I am complaining about how much I have to work and not being able to put time into school. It’s not that bad, but when I need the weekends to do homework, I’m stuck at work. Sure, I do bring homework to the place but when it’s busy, I can’t get to it. Then I get too tired to do it when I get home. I guess I need to work on organizing my schedule to fit both work and homework time. Also, with my commitments to my student organizations, I usually don’t get to attend or help out because of work or something. I know my family is my obligation/priority. I want to do so much during college because I want to become a great and successful leader. At least in some aspects. I really want to study abroad one day. Money is the other issue, though. It’s so cruel! Just another complaint.

It’s just so hard right now. I’m also wondering how long should I continue to work at the salon? Will it be steady for the next five years? I’ve told myself that I will continue helping her for as long as needed. I just feel like I’m slowly being forced into something bigger that I don’t want to do. *SIGH*

Hope everyone’s doing well! Have a great weekend.


In my spare time,  since I was little, I have loved being creative and art. My grandma sewed and crafted and taught me to sew and do a variety of crafty things in the summers when I would spend two weeks each year at their farm.

In elementary school I won free art lessons at the Des Moines Art Museum and was always involved in art club and art classes throughout school. I remember being little and getting such joy from looking at what I made and created. When I went to high school I still loved art but you had to pick which form of art to pursue :drawing, painting, photography, etc. and I was confused about which to pick and so I dropped it all and decided to focus on classes that would help me to go to college. I felt that I wasn’t good enough to actually have a career in art but my heart still yearned to be creative.

Now, let’s just say I’m older and wiser but still have the same glee that I did as a little kid when I create something. My son is the same way. A couple of years ago my kids and I cleaned our basement and half of it became a game room for them and the other half an art room for me and the kiddos too. Since then I have started to sew and make things for friends for their birthdays. This summer because my finances are in turmoil (being a college student with a mortgage and utilities to pay will do it to you) my kids and I decided to try to make gas money for the car by selling things that we knew how to make.

So, we started an Etsy business called Mamasunbear2. The name is a whole other story, folks. We also made a Facebook page with the same name for our business. The challenging thing for me is that it has caused my to place a value on what I create and make. It’s opened my mind to self criticism and doubts in my ability to make something that people would actually like or even buy. This fall I have become even more determined to try to make our little business work because my daughter will be going to college next fall. She needs to take her ACT, have money to send in with college applications, etc. and to be totally honest I just don’t have the finances to do that.

Through prayer I feel compelled to continue to try to make our business work since it has been such a bonding experience for all three of us. I make and create the items, my son helps in making things, and my daughter helps to take pictures of our stuff and to ship and deliver orders. It has caused our little family to work together for a greater cause. I know that my son came up with the idea Bowties for Big Dogs for shelter dogs (to make them look more approachable and get adopted faster) and we recently made some of those to sell with the money made from each bowtie going to the Kansas City Pet Project animal shelter where we volunteer. Both of my kids went to church camp over the summer and adopted a little boy through Compassion Child to be their little brother. When we sell things we take part of the money and send to help their Compassion Child, Angel.

I love that my kiddos have learned to pay it forward in the world through selling things that they make. That is what keeps me going and creating. If you would like to see what we do you can check out our Etsy store or like our Facebook page (my kiddos love seeing how many likes we can get). Our name is Mamasunbear2.

As I say to each buyer and looker of our things- thanks for being a blessing to my children and I. Blessings- Sherry


Why Fontbonne!?!

by Alumni Posts February 13, 2012

Picking a college is never an easy choice. You can decide by the area it’s in, the curriculum it has, or you can even decide on a college by it’s school colors! Seriously, I have heard of people who picked a college based on the school colors. Websites even exist that tell you which college […]

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Number Crunching and The Real World

by Alumni Posts February 7, 2011

May 21, 2011 is a date that looms over my head every hour of every day of this spring semester. It is only  53 school days and roughly 120 hours of class away from this exact moment. That is it: the day of my graduation from Fontbonne University. I know that most of my peers […]

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