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This past week was crazy. Without sounding all “whine-y and complain-y” (as my friend and fellow blogger, Carly, would say), I had a pretty rough week.  I had a physics test on Wednesday, an advanced statistics test on Thursday, and a biotech quiz on Friday.  Like I said, it was rough.

But you know what got me through it all?  Lots of highly-caffeinated tea and, of course, my friends.  My friends and I are so close that I consider us to be a big family.   And because we’re like a family, we do tend to annoy each other at times.   But I know that I can always count on them to explain a confusing concept in a well thought-through analogy or get out of bed at 7am when they don’t have class until 10 in order to help me study for my third major test of the week.  I, of course, would do the same for them.

One thing that really bothers me is the fact that people think that I don’t have the real “college experience” since I’m a commuter student.  Yes, I don’t live on campus, but I still have a bunch of friends who are like me in so many ways and who are willing to help me out in school and in everyday life.  I’m so happy that I found a school that allows me to still live at home with my “real” family and commute to a place where I can spend time with and enjoy the (usually) pleasant company of my “extended” family. 

Lucy and Ethel really make my point about the relationship that my friends and I often share.  Check out their friendship song:



As a sophomore, I have a year and a half of experience with Fontbonne’s advertising. Things have definitely taken it up a notch this year, as committees and students are trying to get the student body involved in campus activities. This is tremendous! I can’t encourage students enough to get involved; after all, your college experience is what you make of it! I strongly believe in the fact that students should be informed about what goes on on campus, although styles of advertisement have certainly gotten sloppy this year!

..Really Fontbonne, CHALK??

I find that this type of advertisement provides an elementary feel to campus, certainly not very collegiate. I find that these advertisements stay way longer than need be, since they are only removed by rain. Since we are currently in a non-rainy season, chalk is smeared and sloppy beyond a few days of application. I feel that there are certainly better ways of providing information: such as, flyers, word of mouth, emails, facebook groups, etc. These types of advertisement can be removed when the date has passed, providing a cleaner and more organized presentation. Scribbled, ineligible doodles are not my idea of informative, but on the brighter side, I guess it got my attention. ( ;

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