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5 Tips on Becoming Successful in College

by Candance on October 4, 2016

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The top 5 tips I would recommend for any student whether traditional or non traditional for reaching success while in college is:

  1. Being sure you set your priorities. By doing so this can assist you with knowing what’s important to you and it will aid you in completing those tasks that mean the most to you “first.”
  2. Managing your time. Time management may be a struggle for some people but if you learn to manage your time this can help you with getting homework completed on time or before it’s due date, it can help you organize not only your school life but your personal life as well. You may want to invest in a planner or input your information on your to-do list on your phone.
  3. Giving yourself “brain breaks.” I call them this because once per week you must make time for yourself and not always be engulfed in your work and never go out with friends, family and/or alone. Taking time for “you” and giving yourself a break from school work not only makes you feel refreshed when you get back to doing work but a well rested student can think better and create more.
  4. Don’t make comparisons. This means don’t compare yourself to the next person, always be confident in who you are and what you can do in your own ability. Everyone is different and yet everyone is important. When you focus on remaining true to self and working hard to be the best “YOU,” it helps you understand your value and how you can fit in society.
  5. Working in excellence. As a student when working in excellence this means doing your very best in all that you do, working diligently on ALL assignments will produce excellent work ethics positive grades.

Keep up the great work & Bea-U-tiful!



top 5 things I need for college

by Patricia on October 4, 2016

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One thing I could not live without is a laptop. I can save all my documents and work on assignments at whatever location I please. I have used it a lot for my internship, since I do it online. It has really helped me get assignments done more efficiently. As a commuter, I really need a backpack to carry books, notebooks, binders, pencils, lunch, umbrella, cosmetic case, and wallet. Because I cannot bring a purses, I have to make best use out of all the pockets. The next really important thing that I need is headphones.  I mainly use it for playing games and listening to music. It prevents sounds from distracting others. Other times, its the other way around. Sometimes a person next to me is making an annoying noise and I just put on my headphones so I don’t have to hear them. My phone is also really important. Besides playing games and watching videos, I use it for my internship. I am required to call different health care companies for my boss. I help her book conferences and advertise her professional development programs. Lastly, I need my umbrella. There are a few times when it is really pouring outside and I am not under a roof (usually the parking lot). Every time it rains, I am very proud how prepared I am. The last important thing that I have is my planner. I write down all my assignments and due dates. Each day I plan what assignments I’m going to do.


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