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Although Fontbonne is a very small university, it doesn’t mean that students will not have as many learning opportunities as other students who are from bigger or more well-known universities. After having studied at Fontbonne for almost a year, I’ve seen that students’ relationships are very close to each other within their department. As I am in the FCS Department, we, as masters students, have opportunities to work with undergraduate students in projects. In addition, due to its small size of class, students and teachers’ relationship are very close to each other. Students can easily ask questions in class and teachers are able to explain the lecture materials more in depth or elaborate the concepts more clearly. As I was studying in a very large and well-known university, I’ve seen that students could have more interaction with teachers in class compared to my undergraduate university. Thus, even though Fontbonne is a small-sized university, it has its own advantages of being small. More importantly, students have the same learning opportunities as others who are at different larger universities too!


Hey Fonties! Welcome back! I hope your spring break was absolutely fabulous (I’m really sad it’s over… can we have a spring break redo?…. No?…. Okay….). Anyway, let’s  jump right into it then. In my three years as a Griffin, I’ve noticed a lot of little golden nuggets that make Fontbonne a great place to learn and grow. Here are my five favorite things that make Fontbonne amazing.

1. The Campus

Being on campus will make you feel like you’ve stepped off of a page of “Better Homes and Gardens.” Fontbonne in the spring is absolutely gorgeous

2. The People

When I say I’m extremely blessed and fortunate to be a part of the Fontbonne family, I mean it wholeheartedly. The people you will encounter on campus will continuously fill your spirit with joy.

3. The Staff

Fontbonne teachers and staff are awesome people. The teachers here take time to get to know you personally, and make it their business to make sure you succeed.

4. The Class Size

You will never feel lost in the shuffle or like another number on campus. The class sizes are small enough so that everyone in the room gets what they need.

5. Your Major

*inserts comments here*


When I was searching for colleges, there were many factors weighing into which college I would attend, and I made the best choice after considering all of those factors. Obviously, one huge factor was money, and how much tuition assistance I would receive from each school I was interested in played into that decision as well. However, money was not the only factor. I also considered what school would work best for me in terms of the learning environment. Personally — and everyone is different — I know I would struggle more in a large lecture hall with over 100 students in a classroom with me. I would feel more intimidated and less likely to ask questions. I also know that if my classes were that big, the teacher would have no clue who I really was, and I would feel as though the teachers were hard to approach to ask questions if they did not see me everyday and understand that I might have questions about a lesson. That was a huge factor that played into the decision. Once I knew that the money situation was something we could work with, and I liked the class size a lot, I also liked that Fontbonne was just 15 minutes from home, so I could live on campus, but also be able to head home occasionally on the weekend if I wanted. Then, knowing that it was a Catholic university also was appealing to me because I knew I would be able to attend Mass on campus and might have an easier time keeping up my faith life at a place that shares my beliefs.

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