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Christmas Around Campus

My favorite photo memory from Fontbonne is a little more challenging since I’m a Pathways student up in Kansas City. The one thing that my family does each year since I entered the program is go down to Fontbonne for Christmas Around The Campus. It is truly a bonding 5 hour drive for the kiddos and I, but once we are there we’ve been made to feel right at home. What a sweet blessing for weary travelers.

Attached is my fav pic that I took last December of my kiddos. I think this represents what I have felt since I was admitted into Fontbonne- family. Even though, I’m not on campus going to class, I feel the strong ties of family at Fontbonne. Whether it be through the campus weekly mailer, a prayer request that is sent via e-mail, or the care and concern that my professors and my advisers within the Pathways program have shown me.

I would have to say that I have many great memories from Fontbonne. My son still sits with me through each and every video that I watch online. When I started he wanted to sit with me through the first one and told me, “hey, maybe I’ll learn something too”. My daughter has helped me through my IT issues and shared with me that she draws determination in school from seeing what I’m going through as an older adult. She says she is determined to make it through college no matter what.

I’m thankful for my Fontbonne family even though I have never seen or met most of you. You have shown myself and my children what strength, determination, community, and family is all about.

Blessings on your week- Sherry


Hey, remember back before Thanksgiving when I started talking about Christmas Around Campus? Well, it’s drawing nigh, so let me drop a reminder!

Christmas Around Campus is a great family event that is an annual tradition for Fontbonne. There are games, food, crafts, and plenty of other activities. Oh, hey, the Environmental Club will be there as well, showing you how to make your own gift tags out of old Christmas cards. Imagine that!

So let me extend an invitation – hopefully you have already RSVP’d and are anxiously awaiting a lovely evening, but if not I’m sure you could drop by and no one would be the wiser – to enjoy Christmas time at Fontbonne! It is happening this Sunday, December 4, from 4pm to 7pm. Come get in the holiday spirit!


This past week I submitted my homework and felt there was nothing left to do but enjoy the weekend with family and friends. I spent a good portion of Saturday with some co-workers scrapbooking at the Scrap Shack… yes, it really does exist.

During our time together we shared lots of laughs, memories, and of course food. But I had the lingering feeling that there was something missing. When I got home that night and both my kids were in bed I knew exactly what detail had been missing all day- my kids and hubby.

Although, I was so blessed to have a day away to be creative and hang with friends the main focus of my world was missing. So, with that in mind as the holiday season starts up, I vow to remember my small details — Ted, Emily and Dale in everything that I do. I will do this through not merely words but my actions and activities. That is why when I got my postcard about Christmas Around the Campus this week that I knew I had to make sure that I got in our RSVP.

We went as a family last year and were astounded by the campus, the students and faculty. Both Ted (my hubby) and I felt the positive spirit and direction that Fontbonne has. My son, Dale, who was ten at the time, wrote a letter to Santa that he was sure was just somebody there at Fontbonne. I told him to not be so sure — such a little skeptic. A couple of weeks following Christmas Around Campus, he received a letter from Santa, and it had all the stuff that he had wrote about, along with talking about being older and being skeptic… hmmm, should he have ever doubted Santa?

We loved every aspect of Christmas Around Campus from the rolling hamster/snowballs to Mrs. Claus’ cookies and the buggy rides and so much more. We were sad that we had to make it a day trip and didn’t get to spend more time there. So, if you have a doubt about helping with Christmas Around Campus or attending it, I would encourage you to do so. For all of you “elves” who were there last year, I thank you, and for all of you racing around this year, my family thanks you too. Thanks for making a difference by paying attention to all the small details.

Blessings on your week- Sherry


Okay, don’t hate me for this, but I’m about to do a reallllll quick plug for Christmas here. I KNOW, I KNOW, IT’S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET. Trust me, I’m aware, and I am super duper pumped for T-day and I’m not trying to delegitimize it at all.

Now. That being said, Christmas is just a few weeks after Thanksgiving, but even closer than that is Christmas Around Campus! Christmas Around Campus is a family event that Fontbonne does every year to get everyone in the holiday spirit. This year it is happening on Sunday, December 4 from 4 to 7pm, so drop by and enjoy games, crafts, and food!

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: Stop by the Environmental Club’s table, and learn about how to creatively recycle the 8 tons of Christmas cards you will soon be receiving in the mail. Okay? Okay.

Aaaaaand now feel free to go back to looking forward to Thanksgiving. 🙂


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