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Hello everyone,

I hope you have had a great first week back on campus after spring break and you are all ready for the home stretch of the semester.  This week I am going to write about one of the many new albums being released in stores nationwide, as I am aware there are probably many albums to be excited about in the upcoming months.  Whether you are someone who listens to pop, country, Christian, Rock, or Hip Hop music, there are likely lots of artists who have new songs being released. One of my favorite types of music to listen to is Christian, in which there are many artists who are currently on tour sharing their music with fans all across the nation.  From one band to the next they always have new, inspirational music to share with people from all parts of the country and often times it is heard on K-Love radio stations in major cities.  A band I have grown to like a lot is called Mercyme in which they have a single they have released in the last month as a teaser to their album release.  Their most recent album was actually launched yesterday on the internet and in major retailers.  This new album is called lifer and there are many new great songs such as Even If, which is very relatable for many of their fans. This song is about going through battles in life and realizing that God is there by your side to help you get through it all and for believers to know that God will help you make it out of even your worst struggles. As a fan of this band, I am very excited to buy this album soon so that I can hear some of their other songs they have produced on this new album, Lifer. lifer-mercyme

Thanks for reading and come back next week to see what I have to tell about.



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