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Next week is Finals week. My Junior year so far has been filled with many highpoints and some low points. But overall, I would have to say that it was pretty successful! Academically, I am doing well; and organizationally I am excited to see what 2nd semester brings! We will be traveling to Chicago again for the 2017 Enactus Regional Conference and presenting our efforts with the Criminal Justice Ministry (CJM). Hopefully, we will advance to Kansas City for the 2017 National Conference! Even though I am practically half way done with my Junior year, I still cannot believe that I am HALF WAY done with JUNIOR year! It is crazy! Second semester will fly by!
As for what my plans are for Winter Break: Regain lost hours of sleep, visit family, & work on a project that is currently in development with a Fortune 500 company. I cannot disclose anything beyond that just yet.  Until next year guys, stay classy!


Ahhhhhh! How are we already passed the midpoint of my last semester of undergraduate school?

How am I a Senior already?!?

For those who are still in high school or aren’t quite Seniors in college yet, just know that the time will fly by! Don’t take that time for granted!

If you’re a Senior like me and some of my other classmates, you’re most likely freaking out quite a bit about “what’s next” after graduation in May. Therefore, I suggest to those who still have time to think more deeply about this to at least put some thought into where you see yourself after graduation. Thinking about this can also help guide your college career, because ultimately, your college experiences help to shape the person you are when you graduate.

I would also like to say that this is the time of year where the big projects (i.e. a Research Paper and Senior Capstone Project) start to make themselves known. This is not a good time to do things like procrastinate, get sick, fall to the weaknesses of your own limitations, etc. Therefore, let’s just say that I’m struggling right now. However, knowing that there’s less than 70 days until graduation helps me to be at ease, because I know that one of my major goals (graduating from College) is getting nearer and nearer each day.

And now some random pictures from some of my current life events:

Searching for books for my Research Paper. I like that you can get the book location texted to your phone. Thanks, technology!

Getting to know the library books at the Fontbonne Library...

Sometimes, you have to reward yourself for good behavior. Positive reinforcement!

Visiting a Graduate Program at Columbia College Chicago!

The Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling Department at Columbia College Chicago, where I'll hopefully be next year!

One of the Graduate Classrooms at Columbia College Chicago.

A dance studio area for Graduate Students at Columbia College Chicago.

The building across the street from where I had my Graduate Admissions Interview.

Green mashed potatoes with garlic and kale that I made in my Southwest Hall apartment in honor of March and St. Patrick's Day coming up!

Some closing thoughts on time management…time management is a great skill to have and is much needed in the current fast-paced life of modern society. Either that, or I recommend becoming a part of a society that is slower-paced if time management is not your thing. I’m still trying to learn how to properly balance everything.

Welp, back to schoolwork for me!

Peace, Love, & Relaxation (Eventually).


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